Elastic is a software company that provides products and services related to ElasticSearch, its distributed enterprise search engine. The company’s main offering is Elastic Stack, an open source product suite designed to allow users to access data from diverse sources and in diverse formats and search, analyze and visualize the data in real time. Elastic also offers commercial products for enhancements to the open source software.

Organizations running Elasticsearch and associated products include Adobe Systems, Facebook, Foursquare, Mozilla, Amadeus IT Group, Quora, Etsy, SoundCloud, GitHub, the FDA, CERN, Stack Exchange, the Center for Open Science, Reverb, Netflix, Pixabay, Sophos, StumbleUpon, the Slurm Workload Manager and Wikimedia.

The company’s origins go back to 2010, when Shay Banon started writing the program for Elasticsearch and invited the open source community to contribute to the project. Banon co-founded the company (at that time known as Elasticsearch) in Amsterdam in 2012, along with Steven Schuurman, Uri Boness and Simon Willnauer. According to its website, Elastic is a distributed company with employees all over the world.

This was last updated in September 2016

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