contact center software

Contact center software is a technology tool that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of a contact center, with specific focus on facilitating interactions between customers and contact center agents.

The core function of contact center software is to route customer contacts to agents and track and report key metrics regarding those interactions. Contact center software contains user-established rules to assist in routing contacts to agents who have the appropriate skill sets to handle specific types of inquiries. Originally, contact center software had limited functionality, primarily routing inbound phone contacts.

During the past years, contact center software has expanded its capabilities to be able to route contacts across multiple channels, including Email, chat, SMS, social and more. In addition to routing and reporting, some contact center software also has additional capabilities allowing for the recording and monitoring of interactions between customers and agents, the ability to perform customer satisfaction surveys, tools to determine and monitor staffing levels required for handling customer inquiries and more.

Historically, contact center software was an on-premises-based service requiring significant upfront capital expenditures. With the movement of software to the cloud, contact center software has become a more affordable technology that can be paid for as it is being used and is now affordable to a broader range of organizations.

This was last updated in May 2017

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