hybrid health record (HHR)

A hybrid health record (HHR) is documentation of an individual's health information that is tracked in multiple formats and stored in multiple places. Today, the majority of health records in the United States are considered to be hybrid.  Hybrid health records present a challenge because the records administrator must use both manual and electronic processes to determine which data elements, electronic documents, images, audio and video files should become part of the legal electronic health record. They must also document where the information in the record is located so it can be accessed quickly.  

To healthcare institutions that are unprepared to completely switch to electronic medical records (EMRs), a hybrid system is an attractive alternative.  Many times institutions have enormous sums of paper records that prove too overwhelming to change into fully digital records. Ultimately, however, hybrid records are more expensive for healthcare providers because they require more staff and more time to administrate. 

Hybrid health records are also referred to as hybrid medical records


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