software-defined infrastructure control (SDIC)

Software-defined infrastructure control (SDIC) is an analytics-driven approach to balancing the resources that application programs require in virtual and cloud computing environments.

SDIC programming can automate virtual machine (VM) routing and placement while also allocating the necessary compute, network and storage technologies. Unlike load balancing software, which simply distributes workloads across multiple servers, SDIC software is able to assess and take into consideration multiple factors that influence effective resource allocation in a virtual environment, including compliance, security, geographical constraints and licensing requirements.

SDIC uses predictive analytics to evaluate an organization’s operational data, technical and business constraints and policy requirements. The analytics model can assess a large set of permutations and combinations of possible VM placements, as well as detailed models of resource demands, in order to optimize existing workloads and programmatically forecast future requirements.

In the enterprise, a number of information technology (IT) managers can benefit from SDIC, including:

  • Infrastructure architects and engineers who need to automate key processes surrounding workload hosting, placement and sizing decisions.
  • Operations teams who need to automate infrastructure optimization actions on a daily basis.
  • Capacity managers who need to know where workloads can fit, how much infrastructure is really required for them and when it is necessary to purchase more resources.
  • IT management and executive teams who need to understand how efficiently infrastructure resources are being used by various departments within the organization.
  • Managed service providers within the organization who need to optimize infrastructure on behalf of their internal customers.
This was last updated in October 2015

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