Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX is a set of enterprise mobility management services that offers mobile device and data protection and management.

The two main services in the KNOX suite are Samsung KNOX EMM and KNOX Workspace.

KNOX Workspace offers device management through containerization, which separates corporate applications and data from personal apps and data via secure profiles. Containerization makes it safe for IT to remote wipe corporate information from devices. IT can whitelist and blacklist specific applications in a user's work profile, plus control what data is allowed to move between the personal and work profiles.

KNOX EMM is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management console that includes management for mobile and Web apps, plus a self-service portal for IT and users. It is compatible with both the Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems. However, iOS does not support KNOX Workspace.

Other security features available in Samsung KNOX include FIPS-compliant VPN, on-device encryption and enterprise-grade single sign-on.

There are three versions of Samsung KNOX:

  • My KNOX, which is free, is designed for individual users.
  • KNOX Express is also free and caters to small and mid-sized businesses with 250 users or fewer. It combines a basic version of the KNOX Workspace security suite with KNOX EMM for device and application management.
  • KNOX Premium is geared toward larger organizations and costs one dollar per month, per user. It comes with Microsoft Active Directory integration, app whitelisting and blacklisting, secure containerization and secure boot.

Companies can upgrade to the full KNOX Workspace at an additional cost. Similarly, Samsung offers a paid upgrade for advanced identity access management capabilities.

This was last updated in May 2015

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