chief marketing technologist (CMT)

A chief marketing technologist (CMT) is a C-level executive who sets a technology vision for the marketing team that aligns with business goals. The CMT is responsible for evaluating and selecting technology providers and serves as a bridge between marketing and IT. Roughly half also help build new digital business models. Harvard Business Review describes the CMT function as "part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher."

CMTs go by a range of titles, including global head of marketing technology, business information officer for global marketing and head of marketing technology and innovation for enterprise marketing.

The CMT role arose from the marketing department's transformation into one of the most technology-depending organizational functions in today's digital age. Digital marketing spend continues to expand by double digits every year; in 2012, Gartner forecasted that by 2017, chief marketing officers (CMOs) will spend more money on technology than CIOs will. Much of this increased budget has already been invested in technology that helps marketers analyze customer and market data from various sources, including customer databases and social networks.

Unlike CMOs, who focus on the creative side of marketing, CMTs manage various technologies to enable greater experimentation and the agile management of these aforementioned capabilities for increased sales and competitive advantage.

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