authorized service provider (ASP)

An authorized service provider (ASP) is an organization that a product manufacturer has deemed qualified to service products covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Service conducted by anyone other than an authorized service provider typically voids the warranty.

Characteristics of an authorized service provider

An authorized service provider, sometimes referred to as an authorized service partner, must meet a manufacturer's standards in order to receive authorization to repair equipment, and it may also need to pass a certification exam.

An authorized service provider agreement governs the relationship between the service provider and the manufacturer. Among other things, the agreement determines the scope of the service provider's work. That is, the agreement specifies the product, or products, the service provider is authorized to service. For example, an Apple Authorized Service Provider may be permitted to service notebooks and tablets, but not iPhones. So, the authorized service provider model a given provider pursues may be narrow or comprehensive with regard to product coverage.

Service partners may also be required to meet a manufacturer's operational standards, which could include demonstrating that they are financially viable and maintain a secure area in which they provide services. Benefits to companies acting as authorized service providers include reimbursement for parts and labor and access to vendor support and technical materials.

Large technology vendors such as Apple, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Samsung are among the product manufacturers that have designated authorized service providers. Service partners in a particular vendor's partner network can range from relatively small, highly specialized authorized service centers to large companies, such as Best Buy.

Within the IT channel partner business model, authorized warranty service generally falls under the break/fix services category. A channel partner that provides break/fix services typically does so as part of a broader services portfolio that might include product reselling, implementation and integration. 

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