consumer device

Consumer device is an industry term for Internet-capable mobile computers that are marketed to individuals, not businesses. For example, the iPhone, iPad, Droid smartphone, Wii and Xbox are all considered to be consumer devices. 

One of the key differences between a consumer device and an enterprise device, besides ownership, is how the device is managed. A consumer device is managed by the individual who bought it.  The owner decides what programs to run on the device and who is granted access to use it. 

The device's owner is also responsible for backing up data and upgrading software. If the device is damaged or lost or its security is compromised in some way, the device's owner is responsible for arranging and paying for technical support. When the device reaches its end of life (EoL), the owner decides whether or not to replace it -- and what to replace it with.


This was last updated in April 2012

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