Changing reserved status of a workflow item

An administrator is looking to change the status of a work item so that one user can access it while another is absent.

Is there an ABAP function module to remove the "reserved" status of a work item? We have an application that displays...

workflow items (outside the inbox). I've been given the task to find out how to let User A execute work items that are reserved by User B (for when User B is absent).

I've tried function modules (SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM, SWW_WI_AGENTS_CHANGE and SAP_WAPI_PUT_BACK_WORKITEM), but still get the message, "Work item is reserved for a different agent."

You definitely should not allow User B to execute a workflow if User A has it reserved. If someone is absent, they should set up a substitute (or an administrator can do this for them) so that User B can have full access to User A's inbox.

From the SAP Business Workplace (inbox), go to Settings-->Workflow Settings-->Maintain Substitute.

For more information on maintaining substitutes, please consult SAP Help Portal.

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