Error when clicking the SAP GUI logon button

An SAP user receives a curious error message when he clicks the logon button in the SAP GUI.

I'm receiving the following error message when I click the logon button in the SAP GUI. Please note that I have already started the service in the management console and the lights turn from gray to yellow to green.

Partner not reached (host (name), service sapdp00
release 620
version 36
line 976
error no 10061

Your SAP GUI version is very old and is no longer supported. You should install at least 6.40 and preferably 7.10.

Do the following to troubleshoot:

Ping the hostname from your PC. Is the instance number reading "00"? Try to telnet to port 3200 or 3600.

Is there anything in the developer traces which suggest that the SAPGUI connection fails? Have a look in the SAP developer traces which reside in "/usr/sap/ / /work." There should be a trace file for each work process. The dispatcher logs its messages in "dev_disp," the message server uses the file "dev_ms."

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