Using SAP standard reports to track changes in SAP HR

A reader is looking for a standard report that can track changes made to the hierarchy of SAP HR with SAP transaction code PPOME.

Are there any standard reports to track any changes made to the hierarchy using transaction PPOME in SAP HR?

SAP Standard Report, Display Personnel Planning Database (Program RHRHAZ00, T-code RE_RHRHAZ00 or SAP Easy Access Menu Path: Human Resources/Organizational Management/Tools/Database/Display DB records), tracks changes to OM data. Additionally, this data, presented in ALV format, can be downloaded to Excel or Access for additional analysis.

Selection criteria are similar to other SAP standard reports. "F1+Help" is available for field level definitions. It is suggested that you enter a very specific set of requirements initially to allow you to evaluate the output then adjust your selection to fit your requirements. The various categories of data selection include objects, reporting period, structure parameters, Infotype and Subtype, where applicable. This goes along with "display data contents" and "display 'last changed by'" indicators, which are useful in tracking when and who made the changes.

Additionally, SAP provides a configurable report, similar to "logged changes" in Infotype Data (Program RPUAUD00) for PA data. This report requires configuration in table T77CDOC_CUST: Plan Version, Object Type, Infotype, Subtype and Active indicator. Table T77CDOC stores the Infotypes available for logging. As with table V_T585B, '*' includes all. Suggest to start with Plan version '01', Current defining additional requirements, as required.

Again, as with PA Audit Report, changes are not captured unless the Active indicator is marked. Also, note that this requires transport to the applicable environment. To access this data, SAP provides "Display Change Documents" (Program RHCDOC_DISPLAY).

Beyond these two options, SAP standard Function Modules may be incorporated into a custom report.

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