Using separate trading partner fields in SAP function FB01

An SAP R/3 4.7 user wants looking to post a document entry using different trading partner fields for credit and debit for function FB01.

I am using SAP R/3 4.7 and I want to post a document using function FB01 where the Debit has one "trading partner" and the Credit another "trading partner".

I go to Extras (at the top of the screen), select "trading partner" and I can enter the code there (i.e., 5EH). However, when I go to the Credit entry and go to Extra again and change the Trading Partner again (i.e., 2CH), the first selected partner is not saved and I end up with the entry with the same trading partner for Debit and Credit lines (the last one I selected).

How do I complete the entry having one trading partner on the Debit line and another trading partner in the Credit line on the same Journal?

This depends on the setup of the accounting customizing in your system. By default, posting between Debits and Credits is not possible. You need to post in two steps from credit to an intermediate account and then from there to a debit. Check with an SAP FICO consultant for more details.

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