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What's the best way to write an SAP support ticket?

Try other avenues first, but then prepare an SAP support ticket that will clearly describe and recreate your incident, so SAP can assign it to the right experts.

Running into a problem with SAP software that you can't solve can be frustrating, and while the process for getting SAP's support service has improved, it can still be frustrating.

If you do need to create an SAP support ticket, there are some important tips for smoothing out the process and reaching a solution as quickly as possible, such as:

  • Searching online resources for examples of similar issues
  • Creating and documenting a repeatable occurrence of the issue
  • Addressing the technical aspects in the support process

Search for similar software issues

Always search Google and SAP's Note system for several variations of the problem you are encountering and the error messages you are seeing. Then, state explicitly in your SAP support ticket that you did these searches, and mention any SAP Notes or official statements that look particularly relevant. Explain why they don't address your problem.

It can be a good idea to simultaneously ask your question on a software development site like Stack Overflow or on, or ask one of these other sites first, if you have the time.

Create a minimal, recreatable example

Put together a minimal example that can be recreated on a clean installation, along with instructions for recreating the example. This will prove that the problem hasn't been caused by any customization of your system, and will show SAP support staff how to see the problem in their own technology.

The definition of a minimal, complete and verifiable example from Stack Overflow covers what you should include in your example.

Make sure you deal with the technical stuff

This includes making sure that the system connection is open and that credentials are maintained for SAP to log in, that you have recreated the problem in a system that is up to date on recent patches, that you have put the SAP support ticket in the right component and priority -- to the best of your ability -- and that you have maintained the right people as contacts on the ticket so that they are notified.

The goal of these steps is to reduce the time-consuming back and forth as SAP asks for clarification, and to demonstrate that you have done your due diligence so that your incident is quickly escalated to the groups who can help with your specific technology problem.

If you don't already follow these practices when creating an SAP support ticket, adopting them should help smooth out your incident resolution process.

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