Using audit report to track changes to employee data in SAP HR

Find out how to track changes to employee data using an audit report in SAP HR, and learn how to configure the audit report to pick up changes to the data retroactively.

I have an employee who claims that we deleted some of the hours she entered and that we altered her time sheet. Does SAP maintain a record of specific changes in SAP HR for management or for supervisors to make when users enter data in the employee's record?

SAP HR offers an audit report, RPUAUD00, Logged Changes in Infotype Data. This report must be configured for tables T585A, T585B and T585C. The configuration allows you to track all changes or select the fields to track.

However, this report does not pick up data retroactively; it must be configured to track changes in order to pick up such changes.


If your company is using a CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) to record data, you may also access table CATSDB from transaction SE16. Field Process Status identifies a status. A record entered, then approved, then changed after approval will display each status providing an Audit trail. The table can grow quite large.

If neither of these options apply, you may be able to find something at the Unix or server level, but that is beyond SAP.

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