How to fix a slip print-out error in an SAP Smart Form

An SAP user is looking to fix an error with a packing slip print-out in an SAP Smart Form.

I am having trouble with a packing slip print-out in an SAP Smart Form. The Smart Form complied, the form was processed from the application, but the output didn't come. An error simply stated that the "output could not be issued."

How do I figure out what's wrong here and then fix the problem?

I've seen this unfortunate behavior before. Try this:

Next time you print the packing slip, go into the application transaction VL02n (delivery change) and have it set to send output immediately (timing = '4'), then save the document (it doesn't matter if "print immediately" is set). That should force the error into the log. Now, the next time you go into the application document, you should see the red light and be able to view the error. Or as an alternative use transaction SFTRACE, making sure it is set to flag errors.

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