Using SAP change documents to make change logs visible

A reader who is writing a program to update SAP tables wants to know how to make updates visible in a change log by using an SAP change document.

I am developing a program which updates SAP tables MARD and MCHB with a storage location against a material plant combination using an SAP INSERT statement. I need the program to create an SAP change document so that the user can see the change log in transaction MM02 (environment --> display log).

I have created a change object for this, which contains MARD and MCHB and have also included the SAP function module "write_document" that gets created once you generate the program. The CDHDR is updating but the change log reflects no change.

How can I connect the update that is being done through my prog and transaction MM02 so that for the entries that I insert through my program are shown in the change log with info (i.e., change date, change time, user, etc.)?

Unless you are working directly for SAP, there is no way that you should be writing a program that directly updates SAP tables. If your program makes an error, and you end up with a corrupted material master, your client may find that they violated the terms of their license with SAP, and are being charged a lot of money to fix things.

To update this kind of data, you should use BAPIs, function modules and/or BDC.

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