Managing network services with new software-based offerings

New software-based managed networking services to change the market

Managed networking services aren't new, but before anyone drifts off because there's nothing to see here, there is absolutely something to see here in the "new" (read software-based or virtual) managed network services category if you want to run an efficient network. A virtual sea of software-based networking technologies available to enterprises are enabling new options in managed services. They range from software-defined WAN and software-defined networking to virtual customer premises equipment to virtual network functions and network functions virtualization.

Of course, enterprises can go all do-it-yourself and manage their own virtual CPE, new VNFs or SD-WANs, but the advantages of having service providers big or small keep their virtual managed networking services running have emerging appeal.

Nemertes Research network analyst John Burke says that working with software in what has been an intensely hardware-controlled part of the network infrastructure is speeding up enterprise service deployments. But many enterprises aren't taking into account emerging issues like, for example, the amount of time it can take staff to manage several different SD-WAN providers.

"They need to add X many more hours of tech support staff time to understand how to work with multiple SD-WAN providers and Y% more vendor management costs in terms of contract maintenance and billing issues," Burke says.

A recent MarketsandMarkets report projected that global telecom managed services will almost double from $11.9 billion this year to $22.58 billion by 2022. That will or won't come true, but this handbook  will examine the issues you should consider when deciding whether to give the new managed networking services a try.