How to manually add files to an SAP transport queue

An administrator wants to learn the procedure for manually adding files to a transport queue.

My manager has provided me with two files -- K904829.PRD and R904829.PRD -- and has asked me to manually add them...

in the transport queue and import it. Can you explain this procedure to me?

Perform the following steps:

• Copy the Datafile (i.e. R904829.PRD) into /usr/sap/trans/data and the Cofile (i.e., K904829.PRD) into /usr/sap/trans/cofiles.

• Go to STMS --> Import overview ( F5) --> double-click on your system --> Extras --> Other Requests --> Add --> enter the request name.

Your transport request is now added in the transport queue, and you may now transport it.


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