Buyer's Handbook:

How to find the best network switches for your enterprise

Learn about key features before you buy network switches for your LAN

The campus LAN switch is a fundamental component of networking, and to buy network switches for your LAN means first understanding the roles these switches play in a modern enterprise network. That depends on the demands of your organization and its network, both existing and future.

The best way to approach buying LAN switches for your network is to understand the types of features vendors offer first and determine which are required by the network in place. This guide looks specifically at considerations that should play into a network switch purchase decision, including port speeds and interface connections, Power over Ethernet and redundancy. It also explains the physical plant considerations that need to be taken into account.

To buy network switches that will ensure the best network performance but also continue to perform into the future is no easy task. This Buyer's Guide to LAN switches is designed to give the networking professional, or any company representative actively involved in selecting LAN switches, the basic background in how these switches work and what features are essential, what vendor terms a buyer will likely encounter, and how to decipher marketing jargon and evaluate products in order to choose the best LAN switch.