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360-degree view of the customer quiz

Companies constantly chase the "360-degree view of the customer," aiming to merge different data sources to provide timely, consistent service.

For customer-facing companies, there is no greater goal than obtaining a 360-degree view of the customer. With customer data coming in from many different channels, companies strive to keep up and provide seamless service to their constituents. But this goal remains elusive if companies' data is siloed, isn't cleaned and checked for quality and not integrated with other internal systems. If customer data remains mired in many disparate systems, the quality of customer service is sure to decline and companies will be in danger of losing customers and revenue.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of best practices for customer data integration and achieving a 360-degree view of the customer and read some expert advice from and testimonials from organizations on how to integrate these ideas into a CRM strategy.

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