Customer loyalty quiz

Figuring out how to attract and retain happy customers is a struggle for every organization. Find out how much you know about customer loyalty with this quiz. You'll find the most common terms related to customer loyalty, as well as technology related to customer loyalty and best practices for retaining customers.

Use this quiz to test yourself on the fundamentals of customer loyalty. These questions cover common customer loyalty terms, related technology and best practices for retaining customers. Find out how much you know -- and learn new things -- about building customer loyalty.


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1. ____ is the term used to describe the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service.

a. Customer lifecycle
b. Purchasing plan
c. Elliptical process
d. Progressive buying

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2. True or False? Speech analytics can be used to increase customer loyalty by gleaning important yet unstructured information from customer calls.

a. True
b. False

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3. ______ refers to the number of customers a company has lost over a period of time.

a. buying cycle
b. churn rate
c. business attrition
d. monthly loss

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4. This marketing strategy puts the emphasis on personalized interactions with customers. What is...

a. transactional marketing
b. buyer pays
c. one-to-one marketing
d. cross-selling

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5. According to some experts, which of the following is not an appropriate technique for call center agents trying to build customer loyalty?

a. Listen actively
b. Stay positive
c. Offer an apology
d. Transfer to a supervisor

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6. Which of the following is not generally a driving force behind adoption of speech technology in the call center?

a. Improving the customer experience
b. Cutting down on entering account numbers
c. Outsourcing
d. Reducing transferred calls

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7. Which of the following is not a customer service trend driven by social networking?

a. Proactive chat when a customer abandons an online cart
b. Service avoidance
c. Groups of peers finding problems solutions through forums or blogs
d. Rejecting outsourcing of basic services

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8. How much, on average, does a lost customer record cost a company in the event of a data breach?

a. $40
b. $80
c. $140
d. $250

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9. Which of these is not a best practice for a company trying to retain customers following a data breach?

a. Offer restitution
b. Establish good data policies internally
c. Deflect blame by keeping information from customers
d. Have the marketing department give a quick response

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10. According to experts, which of these should not be a component of a successful loyalty program?

a. Ensure that there will be a payback
b. Organize and use data correctly
c. Train all employees in the details of the program
d. Entice all customers, regardless of their level of profitability

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