Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention: Product overview

Expert Bill Hayes examines the Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention product, which acts as a software plug-in with other Trend Micro security products.

There are many variations of data loss prevention technology that have been built for specific customer needs, situations and deployment scenarios. Some products are designed to address specific segments of an IT environment, while others take a wider approach.

Trend Micro takes the latter approach; the Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention product features a lightweight plug-in that can be deployed through its existing products to address and protect data at rest, data in transit and data in use. Therefore, the Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) modules can be found throughout the vendor's product line, such as Trend Micro OfficeScan, PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint, InterScan Messaging Security and InterScan Web Security. The DLP policies are centrally managed using Trend Micro's Control Manager.

Trend Micro Integrated DLP features

The Trend Micro Integrated DLP requires no additional hardware or software for deployment. It can recognize over 300 file types, including most email and office productivity products, programming languages, graphics, engineering files and compressed file types. It is installed with a number of DLP policy templates and it automates policy violation responses. The plug-in can also log, bypass, block, encrypt, alert, modify, quarantine or delete data.

In addition to templates, the DLP plug-in has a list of default identifiers that can organize sensitive data by pattern, formula and positioning. Custom identifiers can also be created.

When paired with the appropriate Trend Micro product, the plug-in can scan sensitive data at rest in endpoints, file servers, mail stores or Microsoft SharePoint repositories. It can monitor and control sensitive data in motion, including email, webmail, instant messaging and many network protocols, such as FTP, HTTP/HTTPS and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Trend Micro Integrated DLP can also monitor and control sensitive data in use through USB ports and COM and LTP ports on CDs, DVDs, removable disks, floppy disk drives, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association devices and modems. Additionally, the DLP plug-in can monitor copy and paste functions and print screen attempts.

Trend Micro DLP integration features

With OfficeScan Endpoint Protection, the DLP plug-in can protect sensitive data in use online or offline and encrypt sensitive data before it leaves the network. It can also monitor and control cloud storage file syncs, USB drives or other connected mobile devices, including Bluetooth connection attempts.

With InterScan Messaging Security, the DLP plug-in uses DLP content filtering rules with over 200 customizable compliance templates.

With the ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange, the DLP plug-in identifies sensitive data at rest throughout the mail store and monitors and controls sensitive data in motion for outgoing or internal email. The DLP plug-in can use over 100 compliance templates and enable Active Directory policy enforcement.

Trend Micro Integrated DLP is also available in the Trend Micro Enterprise Data Protection product. Enterprise Data Protection integrates the DLP plug-in, encryption, mobile security and mobile device management with an organization's Trend Micro security suite. Enterprise Data Protection combines Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention, Trend Micro Mobile Security, Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption and Trend Micro Email Encryption Gateway.


Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention takes a different approach to DLP than most other products on the market. Instead of a single deployment, the integrated product exists as a lightweight plug-in that can seamlessly connect with other offerings in Trend Micro's product line. Trend Micro Integrated DLP covers files and databases at rest, endpoint data in use and network data in transit; the product can also address potential data loss through mobile devices and cloud storage services.

Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention does not require servers for deployment because the software modules plug into existing products. Policy templates for specific vertical industries, which contain compliance policies for regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, are available to speed up deployment of the product. Organizations interested in pricing and licensing terms for Trend Micro Integrated Data Loss Prevention should contact the vendor or an authorized resale partner for more information. 

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