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Websense Email Security Gateway: Product overview

Expert Karen Scarfone reviews the Websense Email Security Gateway product, which is used for monitoring email messages that could contain suspicious threats.

One of the more widely used email security gateway products is the Websense Email Security Gateway. It monitors email messages to look for indications of malicious content, such as spam, malware and phishing attempts. If it finds such indications, it blocks the messages, so they won't be delivered to their destinations. This will prevent many attacks from potentially succeeding and damaging the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization's sensitive data.

Product versions

Websense Email Security Gateway is offered as software that is deployed on a Websense V-Series appliance. Currently, there are two models of this appliance available: the V5000 and the V10000. There are several significant differences between the models, but to summarize them, the V5000 is meant for small and medium-sized organizations, while the V10000 is intended for large organizations.

Security capabilities

The Websense Email Security Gateway supports all the fundamental detection capabilities typically offered by email security gateways -- antivirus, antimalware, antiphishing and antispam. In addition, Websense Email Security Gateway offers three advanced security capabilities: executable sandboxing, threat intelligence feed use to improve detection accuracy and data loss prevention for stopping unauthorized data exfiltration through outbound emails.


Adding the Websense Email Security Gateway software to a Websense V-Series appliance involves purchasing per-seat licenses via subscription.

Free trials for Websense products are available.


The Websense Email Security Gateway software is only supported by the hardware-based Websense V-Series appliances, so the only available deployment model is the hardware-appliance model. Because of this, the Websense Email Security Gateway is not particularly well-suited for use in the smallest enterprises, because the V5000 appliance will be unnecessarily powerful, and, therefore, too costly. Other organizations, especially those that do not need their email security gateways to provide email encryption capabilities, may find the Websense Email Security Gateway to be a suitable product.

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This was last published in December 2015

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