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Tech Buying and Selling During the Pandemic: What TechTarget Audience Intent Reveals and How to Adapt

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    July 15, 2020
    12:00-1:00 PM EDT

    Leverage key buying trends and behavioral insights to take real action right now
    Two months into lockdown, Gartner was forecasting an 8% decline in global IT spending in 2020. While possibly correct at a macro level, that figure masks some critical trends that can drive marketing and sales success during the pandemic. Join TechTarget’s Kelley Damore, Chief Content Officer, and Rebecca Kitchens, SVP of Market Development, joined by Deb Schleede of CloudCheckr’s Marketing Operations team, as they provide a clear read on today’s markets and what your marketing and sales teams should be doing to optimize demand capture in the current environment.


Because Your MQLs Just Won’t Cut It: Cornerstone’s Intent-Driven Transition from Demand to Full-Funnel ABM

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    July 23, 2020
    3pm ET

    In this webinar as part of DemandGen Report’s “Buyer Insights & Intelligence Series”, learn how Cornerstone OnDemand, a Gartner- and IDC-recognized leader in HR and Talent Management software, has transformed its marketing and sales efforts to deliver full-funnel ABM at scale using the latest in behavioral data sources: real purchase intent. This in-depth session will outline Cornerstone’s journey from legacy demand generation to ABM with specific insight into how they have re-aligned sales and marketing, evolved performance metrics and have put in place the right data, systems and processes to drive sustained success and realize the full potential of ABM.


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Webinar: Today’s Market Realities Require New Demand Gen Strategies

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    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll get real expert advice on how to optimize demand capture in these unprecedented times. Moderated by TechTarget CMO John Steinert and featuring two leading Forrester | SiriusDecisions experts, VP and principal analyst Terry Flaherty and principal analyst Anthony McPartlin, you’ll come away with actions you can take today to protect revenue in the short term and achieve breakthrough success in the future.

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TOPO Virtual Summit – Reinvent

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    TOPO Virtual Summit is a two-day virtual conference for sales, sales development, and marketing practitioners based around TOPO’s new framework for revenue growth: Stabilize. Reinvent. Grow. This 2-day event focuses on the reinvent stage. By attending, you’ll get an inside look into what leading sales and marketing organizations are doing to reinvent their revenue growth and get specific actions for your teams to immediately apply to their engagement efforts.

B2B Marketing in a Time of Uncertainty

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    These are undoubtedly challenging times. Marketers are now taking a hard look at where (and how) they can effectively reach their prospects. They’re also taking great pains to strike the right note in their outbound messaging. In this online session we’ll take a look at how B2B companies are pivoting and proving that agility is top attribute of today’s successful marketer.
    This webinar will feature some best practices that you can incorporate into your current quarterly plans (and beyond), as well as share real-life stories from the trenches from B2B marketing teams that are responding appropriately – and gracefully – in an unprecedented environment.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2020

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    Virtual Event

    This is the must-attend event for our community of sales, marketing and product innovators and trendsetters that drive growth in the most well-respected, high-performing companies in the market today.

Maximize Revenue Opportunity with Contact-Level Intent Data

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    In this expert webinar using real-world examples, we’ll show how Marketing, Sales and Customer Success leaders are using intent monitoring to align their teams to maximize opportunity capture across the entire revenue lifecycle. Watch Steve Silver, VP, Research Director, Forrester/SiriusDecisions and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget to learn how to leverage contact-level purchase intent data to identify the right buyers and engage them throughout the buyer’s journey, drive more upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and more.

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Worldwide ROI Summit London 2020

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    The only European event focused solely on B2B tech sales and marketing teams making the transition to activity-driven marketing.

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B2B Marketing Exchange 2020

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    Hyatt Regency Scottsdale
    Scottsdale, AZ

    TechTarget was in the Marketplace at #B2BMX, the must-attend event for B2B sales or marketing practitioners at the forefront of implementing cutting edge tactics and technologies.

Big Data in B2B Marketing: Trends for 2020

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    Sydney, Australia

    B2B marketing experts from TechTarget, Facebook and ServiceNow describe how big data is driving big impact in their business by forging tighter connections between marketing and sales and revealing new insights and opportunities.

Billion Dollar Blindness: Never Miss Another Revenue Opportunity

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    Using the latest intent data and AI-driven technologies, you’ll learn how teams can transform their productivity and yields from a market, an ICP or a set of named ABM accounts. Join John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget; Terry Flaherty, VP, Principal Analyst, SiriusDecisions; and Cornelius Willis, CMO, Clari for this webinar to learn how sales and marketing teams can maximize revenue and transform their productivity using the latest intent-data and AI technologies.

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TechTarget Archer Awards 2019

Worldwide ROI Summit Sydney 2019

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    The only Australian event focused solely on B2B tech marketers making the transition to data-driven marketing. This event featured industry best practices, including input direct from marketers, on how to effectively put new types of data in the middle of B2B tech marketing strategies.

    4 Pieces of Advice from ANZ IT Directors

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Worldwide ROI Summit Singapore 2019

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    The only Southeast Asian event focused solely on B2B tech marketers making the transition to data-driven marketing. This event featured industry best practices, including input direct from marketers, on how to effectively put new types of data in the middle of B2B tech marketing strategies.

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Webinar: Intent Data: Use Cases of High Performance Companies

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    In the last year, intent data market penetration has increased 2.5x and is one of the most discussed topics in B2B data and intelligence. To better understand this market and specific use cases where real purchase intent drives outsized gains in sales and marketing performance, tune into this webinar featuring Eric Wittlake, Senior Analyst at TOPO and John Steinert, Chief Marketing Officer, TechTarget.

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B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange 2019 (B2BSMX)

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    Encore Boston Harbor Resort, Boston, MA

    B2BSMX delivers actionable takeaways with case studies jointly presented by key stakeholders on revenue teams at high-growth B2B organizations. Featuring first-hand accounts on how sales and marketing teams coordinate and collaborate to better engage target accounts and provide relevant and high-value experiences at each stage of the buying cycle.

    Learn how AppNeta used Priority Engine’s purchase intent data to identify active buyers in their space, put content in front of interested buyers and target prospects with display advertising.

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HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas

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    Session Title: “Everything is data and data is everything: The role of data in our intelligent future,” brought to you by enterprise.nxt and TechTarget
    • Jillian Coffin, TechTarget VP and Group Publisher
    • Sandeep Singh, HPE VP of Storage Marketing
    • Eric Burgener, IDC Vice President Research
    • Keith Townsend, Hybrid-Cloud/Multi-Cloud IT Analyst & Strategist- The CTO Advisor

    Please RSVP as space is limited for this upcoming event!

    Please join host Jillian Coffin and her team of esteemed panelists for a discussion of the impact of data on digital transformation and our intelligent future. Organizations need to better leverage the value of their data to unlock new opportunities and revenue streams, including support for new business models, analytics, improved employee and customer experience, and to enable the power of AI. Data is at the center of everything innovative and transformative, so it’s critical for organizations and key stakeholders to get access to trustworthy data. To do that, it not only requires a re-think on the role of data itself (where it originates from, where it is stored, who needs it/has access, when/why, etc.) but having the systems, infrastructure, tools and people in place to allow for the movement and flow of data across the enterprise. This is a challenge, given the fragmentation of data across multiple clouds and business silos. Ownership is an issue, but it’s also about building out a robust and open architecture that can deliver the performance and agility required for processing, integration and storage across a variety of different data types.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2019 Summit Austin, TX

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    Austin, TX

    SiriusDecisions Summit is the must-attend event for sales, marketing and product innovators and trendsetters that drive growth in the most well-respected, high-performing companies in the world today.

    Learn about how TechTarget customer TIBCO leveraged intent data to access more demand in the market, drive authentic conversation with prospects or customers and deliver a measurement impact on revenue.

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Webinar: How to Create a More Productive Inside Sales Team with Better Data

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    Recent studies show that 50% or more of salespeoples’ time is spent on unproductive activities. And 97% of buyers don’t believe that sellers have an approach that truly stands out. Reports say that some 98% of cold calls don’t lead to an appointment. So let’s admit it: Something’s not right in the State of Sales. Yet somehow many sales teams still rely exclusively on tried-and-true volume-based approaches. And despite all the wasted effort, the missed opportunities, the lack of revenue, many teams are slow to change.

    Contrast that with the progress that’s happening out there. Smarter teams with new approaches built on better insight are already driving better results. And they’ll be taking sales performance to new levels in 2019.

    Join sales process and technology expert Nancy Nardin, Josh Garland, VP of Products at TechTarget and Aurelien Mottier, CEO at Operatix, as they identify the 5 biggest issues in pipeline building, and how you can overcome them. Specifically, this webinar will provide inside sales teams with real-world examples and a step-by-step plan to power your operations and your reps forward. You’ll learn how to leverage behavioral insight and refine your process to better prioritize accounts, make prospecting more efficient and develop the personalized hooks your teams need to break through.

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