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Q2 2019 Priority Engine User Group – Newton

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    Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
    10:30 AM – 1:00 PM EDT
    Location: TechTarget Headquarters
    Address: 275 Grove St. Newton, MA

    Please join us for our next Priority Engine User Group in Newton, MA. During this roundtable session, you will have an opportunity to network with your peers, learn how customers are leveraging Priority Engine for success and hear firsthand about the new Priority Engine updates!

    Topics for discussion:

    • May Priority Engine release features and functionality
    • Successes, challenges and best practices – open forum with fellow Priority Engine users
    • Influencing the product roadmap – your opportunity to hear from and share product feedback with our development team

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EMEA Priority Engine User Group Roundtables

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    At each quarterly Priority Engine™ User Group Roundtable, 6-10 current and prospective EMEA clients share how they inform their marketing and sales enablement strategies by leveraging the purchase intent data found in TechTarget’s Priority Engine.

    Each discussion is approximately two hours. To attend our next Roundtable in London, contact IT Deal Alert™ Sales Director Colin Mitchell at cmitchell@techtarget.com.

    Read this blog for takeaways from previous Roundtable sessions.

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Recent events

2019 Summit Austin, TX

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    The theme for the Sirius 2019 Summit was “Together: Achieving High Performance by Aligning the B2B Revenue Engine.”

    In accordance with this theme, TechTarget and TIBCO Software co-presented a sponsor case study:

    What actual marketing transformation looks like: TIBCO’s 3-year intent-driven journey to excellence

    This in-depth session outlined TIBCO’s vision for marketing transformation, including their marketing and sales stack, workflows, campaign structure and outcomes necessary to drive continued success. This session offered use cases on how TIBCO leverages intent within core marketing and sales technologies such as Marketo, Salesforce and Conversica and how they use TIBCO analytics to understand marketing’s specific and ongoing impact on revenue.

TOPO Summit 2019

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    With over 60 sessions and workshops organized around six tracks, TOPO Summit shared the most important topics in revenue from the world’s best sales and marketing organizations.

STEMatch Career Day

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    March 19th, 10am – 2 pm


    TechTarget partnered with STEMatch to host a career day for sixth graders from the Murphy School of Dorchester, MA. The day included workshops on coding, developing sales pitches, data visualization and branding.

Webinar: How to Create a More Productive Inside Sales Team with Better Data

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    Recent studies show that 50% or more of salespeoples’ time is spent on unproductive activities. And 97% of buyers don’t believe that sellers have an approach that truly stands out. Reports say that some 98% of cold calls don’t lead to an appointment. So let’s admit it: Something’s not right in the State of Sales. Yet somehow many sales teams still rely exclusively on tried-and-true volume-based approaches. And despite all the wasted effort, the missed opportunities, the lack of revenue, many teams are slow to change.

    Contrast that with the progress that’s happening out there. Smarter teams with new approaches built on better insight are already driving better results. And they’ll be taking sales performance to new levels in 2019.

    Join sales process and technology expert Nancy Nardin, Josh Garland, VP of Products at TechTarget and Aurelien Mottier, CEO at Operatix, as they identify the 5 biggest issues in pipeline building, and how you can overcome them. Specifically, this webinar will provide inside sales teams with real-world examples and a step-by-step plan to power your operations and your reps forward. You’ll learn how to leverage behavioral insight and refine your process to better prioritize accounts, make prospecting more efficient and develop the personalized hooks your teams need to break through.

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Q1 2019 Priority Engine User Group – Newton

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    Location: TechTarget Headquarters

    Address: 275 Grove St. Newton, MA

    Major topics of discussion:

    • Using Priority Engine as the Intent Based Foundation for ABM

    • Successes, Challenges and Best Practices – Open forum with your Priority Engine peers

    • Influencing the Product Roadmap – Your opportunity to hear from and share product feedback with our development team

    • Q&A with TechTarget’s Customer Success Team

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Q1 2019 Priority Engine User Group – San Jose

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    Location: Adobe Headquarters

    Address: 345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA

    During this working lunch, participants have an opportunity to meet with some of their peers in both sales and marketing, to discuss their use cases and keys to success when utilizing Priority Engine™.

    Major topics of discussion:

    • Enterprise tech marketer participants will share their successes, challenges and best practices with Priority Engine

    • Priority Engine roadmap discussion (your feedback wanted!!)

    • Q&A with our most advanced Priority Engine consultants

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Worldwide ROI Summit London 2019

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    Worldwide ROI Summit London

    The Mermaid London River Rooms, London

    The only European event focused solely on B2B tech marketers making the transition to data-driven marketing. Data has become the core of B2B IT digital marketing strategy, and the adoption of data-driven marketing tactics is on a rapid rise. How do we take the needs of both sales and marketing and synergise it into one common intent data-driven message? This year, TechTarget’s London ROI Summit takes the data strategy you know you need and showcases the “how to” of strategic implementation using a data-driven approach.

    Developing a Content Marketing Roadmap to Enable Sales

    The TechTarget strategy and our intent gathering start with content. The strategy for gathering IT B2B buyers at the time of research begins with the best and most relevant content to attract these users. Every company buy, if we go back and look at the activity, leads to multiple engagements with content.

    Marketing expert Sarah Dunn looks at an example of how content evaluation helped strategize their messaging and increase consideration SOV against active projects.

    Presenter: Sarah Dunn Director, EMEA Marketing Programs at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company

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    Veeam: Peer Business Solutions: How I used intent driven-data

    Using Intent-driven data as a marketing tool is relatively new and getting it right requires adjusting your mindset and thinking differently.

    This session offers two different perspectives on how to navigate this change, from marketers currently working with intent-driven data.

    Panel moderator: Voula Hantziantonakis, Sr. Customer Success Manager, EMEA at TechTarget

    • Jonathan Ridley, Enterprise Marketing Manager UKI at Veeam Software
    • Matt Laybourn, Head of Performance Marketing at DIRECTIONGROUP

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    Priority Engine Update

    Colin Mitchell, Director of IT Deal Alert, EMEA

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    Email Marketing Best Practices: The cascading opt-in timeframe effect

    There are many ways to improve your nurturing—catchy subject lines, sending at peak engagement times, trigger-based responses—but while tricks of the trade are important there is the fundamental question of when is the time that is best to engage your prospects in the nurture flow? In today’s intent-based data world, there is the concept of immediate engagement based on research patterns and activity. But does response really matter related to a point in time of opt-in engagement?

    The Performance Team at TechTarget has been looking into this question in great detail for the last 6 months in order to showcase to you, our vendors, what a thorough cascading timeline effect has on time based activity. We’ll look at opt-out %s swings, clicks to download, full download engagement and the 3-step-process to getting started on using this methodology.

    Presenter: Byrony Seifert, VP Marketing & Delivery, EMEA at TechTarget

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    Advice for Capturing the Win: Turning best practices to practical

    If you look at the market landscape, the idea of media to market to ROI is a long journey that doesn’t always connect. How do you take the concept of a hype market and create a conceptual return on investment? How do you take mainstream topics and materialize them into practical advice for your marketing team? This presentation will cover the cycle of understanding how to achieve marketing solutions to align with industry trends.

    • Brent Boswell, Managing Director, EMEA at TechTarget
    • Bryan Glick, Editor-in-Chief at Computer Weekly

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B2B Marketing Exchange

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    B2B Marketing Exchange

    TechTarget sponsored the 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange, spotlighting “all that’s new in B2B.” Tracks focus on content, demand gen, ABM, digital strategy, sales impact and channel marketing.

Lunch Event: Is There a Silver Bullet for B2B Marketing Data? Real Advantages Companies Are Gaining Right Now

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    The proliferation of data alternatives has opened up a world of possibility for B2B companies, but many are struggling with what sources of data can best fuel their stacks, align their teams and improve their pipelines.

    At this event for B2B technology marketers, we shared new research findings from Forrester’s Steve Casey coupled with real-world insights from TechTarget on where the data industry is headed and where real value exits today, together with a roadmap that marketing and sales leaders can leverage for breakthrough performance in 2019.

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ABM Reality: Aligning & Enabling Your SDRs for Better B2B Marketing and Sales

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    How new insights are changing the rules for success.

    With classic, lead-based demand generation maxed out, companies are looking to tele teams to brute force their way to make their numbers. But this rarely leads to sustainable improvement and people are starting to fail.

    Kerry Cunningham from SiriusDecisions and Josh Garland from TechTarget discuss how leading organizations are finding a better way forward – they’re increasing yields, saving money and actually delivering a better customer experience.

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Session: New and Improved SEO Tactics for Editors and Marketers

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    Hilton Mid-Town, New York, NY

    Search engine optimization has been in your marketing and editorial tool chest for years, but times have changed and so have the most effective tactics for driving more traffic (and revenue) to your site. This session, led by Jessica Levenson, VP of Search & Engagement for TechTarget, focused on the latest trends in SEO, from featured snippets to structured data, voice search and more so that publishing brands can get even more out of search.

Worldwide ROI Summit Sydney 2018

Worldwide ROI Summit Singapore 2018

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    The only Southeast Asian event focused solely on B2B tech marketers making the transition to data-driven marketing. This event featured industry best practices, including input direct from marketers, on how to effectively put new types of data in the middle of B2B tech marketing strategies. Registrants had the opportunity to:

    • Hear from tech marketing thought leaders on the next generation of data-driven marketing
    • Network with technology marketing peers
    • Get actionable advice on how to use data to drive pipeline, form new relationships with sales and build better ABM and MQL strategies
    • Obtain IT purchase insights direct from the source and more

Sponsor Appreciation Session: VMware Customer Purchase Intent & Best of VMworld Awards

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    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

    TechTarget partnered with VMware to produce the Best of VMworld Awards to recognize the most innovative technologies on the show floor, as determined by TechTarget’s team of expert, independent judges. The award ceremony kicked off with a Sponsor Appreciation session on VMware customer purchase intent presented by Jon Brown, Vice President, Market Intelligence at TechTarget. This session provided insights on key topics, such as:

    • Top technologies VMware customers are looking to purchase this year
    • Key drivers for the project and technology features they will use for vendor selection
    • Purchase intent data on current technology needs

AA-ISP Boston Chapter: Trends Redefining Sales with Mark Roberge

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    TechTarget hosted local sales leaders, C-level execs, and up-and-coming leaders in sales at this event with guest speaker Mark Roberge. Currently a Harvard Senior Lecturer, Roberge is the former Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services at HubSpot. He is also the author of the best seller The Sales Acceleration Formula.

ON24 Webinar World 2018 Sydney, Australia

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    ON24 Webinar World 2018, held in Sydney, Australia, celebrated “putting the personal back in marketing,” with a focus on how to build campaigns and deliver webinars that put the customer first and foster authentic engagement between the audience and the brand. The event featured sessions from marketing leaders, including Jon Panker, TechTarget’s Managing Director, APAC.

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Webinar: Are Marketing and Sales Leaving Millions on the Table?


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    Efficiency and scalability are key goals for most marketers as they work hard to build a funnel. But, sometimes they unintentionally ruin opportunities.

    Register today for this on-demand webinar featuring Sirius Decisions and TechTarget as we discuss building a foundation based on purchase intent insight. Hear from Terry Flaherty, SiriusDecisions Senior Research Director, and John Steinert, TechTarget CMO as they cover the:

    • 3 fundamental disconnects between sales and marketing teams that adversely affect ROI

    • 3 ways to overcome these disconnects with process, people and insights

    • 3 examples of companies that are succeeding in breaking down classic demand gen barriers and driving dramatic results

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SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit Las Vegas, NV

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    SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit was three full days of data-driven best practices research, unveiling of new innovations across the B2B space and networking with an elite community of sales, marketing and product leaders. The event is composed of general sessions to unveil the latest b-to-b research and insights, intimate breakout sessions with SiriusDecisions analysts on niche topics, and customer case study presentations, all focused on operationalizing your company’s growth strategy.

Worldwide ROI Summit London 2018

SiriusDecisions 2017 Technology Exchange

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    SDTechX was a three-day event outlining the full breadth of technology options available to marketing and sales professionals focusing on data-driven best practices, cutting-edge research and insights on emerging categories across the technology landscape. TechX2017 showed you which tools deliver the results your business actually needs.

Worldwide ROI Summits – Sydney & Singapore 2017

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    Marketing Panel: Data’s Value Across the Marketing Ecosystem

    The use cases for pre-purchase data are varied and often rely on execution from marketing partners like those you enlist to create content, nurture leads and qualify prospects. We hear from marketing services providers in Australia about how they’ve seen successful companies put data at the heart of everything they do.

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    IT Buyer Panel: The Changing Face of Technology Buy

    Senior IT leaders from across Australia talk about the changing shape of technology buying teams and their personal experience in the technology purchase process.

    This event showed how today’s forward-thinking marketers are using data to drive pipeline, build new relationships with Sales and deliver channel success.

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    The Hidden Power of Brand

    A new TechTarget study takes a look at the quantifiable impact that contextual display can have on your marketing and sales success, specifically how effective it is at getting prospects to respond to your messaging and elevating your shortlist consideration.

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    Addressing Today’s B2B Tech Marketing Challenges

    Kevin Beam, TechTarget president, offers a playbook for tackling some of the most common objectives in IT marketing: marketing automation and scoring, account-based marketing, and effective use of intent and predictive data.

    YouTube Tags: B2B Marketing, Data Driven Marketing, lead generation, ABM, ROI, automated nurture.

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    Marketing Panel: Data’s Value Across the Marketing Ecosystem

    The use cases for pre-purchase data are varied and often rely on execution from marketing partners like those you enlist to create content, nurture leads and qualify prospects. We hear from marketing services providers in Australia about how they’ve seen successful companies put data at the heart of everything they do.

Revolutionary ABM: Proven Strategies and Clear Next Steps

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    Recent research reveals that the most effective ABM approaches have one thing in common: an all-out obsession with customer experience. But how do you ensure you’re focused on the right audience to begin with? And how do you personalize customer experiences that drive more pipeline and long-term customer relationships?

    At this event geared exclusively for B2B tech marketers, we shared new research findings from Laura Ramos, Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst and real-world insights from Andrew Briney, TechTarget’s SVP of Products, and Katie Bullard, DiscoverOrg’s Chief Growth Officer.

Webinar: How the Right Content & Delivery Strategies Double Demand Gen ROI

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    As the measurability of marketing campaigns has gone up, marketers have become obsessed with things like CPL and MQL. They’ve focused more of their budgets on demand generation volume rather than on understanding the drivers of better outcomes. Despite their best efforts, for many companies, SQL/SAL conversions remain just half of where they should be for their efforts. There’s clearly a better way.

    In this webinar, John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget and Zak Pines, VP of Marketing at Bedrock Data address how better synchronizing content development and delivery, to truly integrate your branding and demand generation, can lead up to a 2x increase in ROI. They cover:

    • A preview of TechTarget’s research on the effect of integrated branding on real consideration rates and demand gen conversion – based on the analysis of 110,000 IT solution deals
    • How Bedrock Data uses a blend of thought leadership and demand generation content to achieve their sales goals

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Moneyball – More Effective ABM Using Advanced Account Insights

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    A winning marketing team does its research and crafts a compelling gameplan to maximize at-bats with their most important accounts. Figure out how your team can get the inside scoop within accounts so you can hit it out of the park with your ABM efforts.

    In this presentation, TechTarget, Engagio and special guest Beth McCullough from WhiteHat Security share how to develop & activate account insights to drive deep digital consideration and sales enablement.

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SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit Case Study

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    Whether you’re a disruptor or market leader, keeping your sights laser focused on what really moves the revenue needle is a real challenge. Learn how SimpliVity realized a 10:1 return on investment including a 700% increase in consideration and 30%+ pipeline influence by partnering with TechTarget. In this video, you’ll learn how SimpliVity achieved competitive success by:

    • Taking advantage of TechTarget’s Google search authority to put their brand front-and-center at the first step of the buyer’s journey – search
    • Ramping content marketing to educate and drive demand
    • Using TechTarget purchase intent data to market to the right people in the right accounts at the right time

Worldwide ROI Summit London 2017

Beyond Predictive

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    Predictive is useful for guiding where you should hunt. But there are exciting new data sources that are revolutionizing B2B marketing outcomes right now. If you’re not taking advantage of 3rd party data to augment what you collect on your own, you’re likely missing key opportunities to improve pipeline impact quickly. Of course, for driving the effectiveness of marketing and sales, not all data is created equal. It’s important to understand the options.

    In this recorded webinar, Kerry Cunningham, SiriusDecisions’ Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies and John Steinert, TechTarget’s CMO, will share new research and practical examples from their clients on what you may be missing and which types, sources and uses of data will deliver better results.

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ABM Insights from the Front Lines

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    This presentation from TechTarget CMO John Steinert draws on TechTarget’s experience supporting 300+ ABM implementations to help marketers break down the complexities of Account-based marketing and simplify execution. Understand best practices and lessons learned based on real life customer use cases.

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