Five tips to help guide green compliance at your organization

As more industries push for environmentally friendly processes, green compliance is a major concern. Here are tips to help incorporate the right green IT practices at your organization.

Whether it’s the push for sustainability, energy conservation rules or corporate environmental policies, green compliance has become a major concern for organizations across the globe. But there are many questions to answer as your organization tries to become more environmentally friendly. How can you incorporate green IT initiatives into existing corporate processes? What energy consumption strategies are best for your organization? Are you choosing the right vendors and products to help with a new green strategy?

It may sound daunting, but if done correctly green compliance rules can even help your bottom line.  The following articles from SearchCompliance.com and our sister sites offer tips that can help you best implement a green IT strategy at your organization.

IT director uses simple green decisions to make IT relevant

Sometimes it's the little things. Kevin Soohoo, director of IT at Air Systems Inc., found three simple green decisions, saved a big bank and helped to make IT relevant. Soohoo explains how he looked beyond the server room and virtualization to get down to individual levels of energy consumption.

Sustainability: From strategic objective to compliance operation

With the increased interest in going green, sustainability and compliance are now directly related. But making sustainability integral to your compliance operation is not easy. Our expert contributor John Weathington explains how to balance the two.

Q&A: Fit sustainability into an enterprise risk management strategy

IT strategy expert Adrian Bowles discusses risk management and sustainability trends, and why joining the two is vital to a solid and comprehensive enterprise risk management strategy.

Right product compliance software crucial for green manufacturing

As new market pressures to manufacture green products continue to increase in scope and intensity, manufacturers are looking to product compliance software for help. Here’s how green manufacturing goes deeper than reporting with the right tools for tracking environmental compliance across the supply chain.

How to make your network green

It’s more important than ever to make sure your network and data center are running efficiently as part of a green networking strategy to cut costs, save power and maintain to corporate environmental policies. Find tips on how to do this and more at your organization.

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