How do I fix errors in an automatic workflow customization?

When performing an automatic workflow customization, "RFC User could not be created" appears.

In SWU3 (Automatic Workflow Customizing), I ran "Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing" but the "Configure RFC Destination" and "Maintain Web Server" activities did not activate-- it has a red x mark besides them. I am also getting the log entry: "RFC User could not be created".

I am a part of the SAP super users group in my company. I also asked the Basis administrator to execute it and he is also getting the same error. What should I do?

I would not be too concerned with the "Maintain Web Server" unless you plan on executing WebFlow related steps like "Web Activities". The "Configure RFC Destination" is definitely a show stopper; without it you can not run SAP Workflow. I recommend you investigate this further and, if need be, log an OSS.

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