Set up your system for the best network security possible

Last updated:February 2017

Editor's note

Achieving network security is trickier than ever. While network security threats are evolving and multiplying, the very the nature of the network is changing, too. No longer is it enough to lockdown the in-house enterprise system: Employees now work from everywhere and on all sorts of devices, both company-owned and personal.  

This guide gathers in one place the latest news, information and guidance that will help you achieve the best network security possible for your enterprise. Learn about network security issues and approaches, from best network security practices to mobile security to the latest types of tools available to make your job easier and your security more effective.

1Combatting the latest threats to your network

The types of threats that infosec pros are likely to face these days are multiplying and getting more sophisticated. Fortunately, the means IT has at its disposal to safeguard the network are also getting better. Learn how software-defined networking, machine learning and other technological advances are coming to the rescue and helping to ensure the good guys have the best network security possible.

2Network access control

In today's fast-changing security landscape, a big part of achieving the best network security possible is controlling who accesses the network. This section explores the challenges for controlling both on-site and remote access, the impact of recent developments like the internet of things, and new methods like behavioral analysis.

3Network intrusion detection

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a key product to help create the best network security. An IDS sets off an alarm when there is a security breach, violation of company network security policy or some other indication that there's a security issue with the network. Read on to learn the benefits and best uses for an IDS and also how to select the right one.

4Wireless and mobile network security

Achieving the best network security means you must also ensure that Wi-Fi networks are locked tight and that mobile devices don't create an entrée for potential intruders. Here's what you need to know about how to make Wi-Fi secure, as well as some of the attack vectors your network is up against.