Barracuda SSL VPN has hardware and virtual options for most businesses

Expert Karen Scarfone takes a look at Barracuda SSL VPN and explains how the virtual private network product protects and secures enterprise communications.

The Barracuda SSL VPN product is designed to provide secure remote access to an organization's resources from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The SSL VPN product protects the confidentiality and integrity of network communications, which is particularly important if they are passing over unsecured external networks where eavesdropping and manipulation may occur.

Barracuda SSL VPN models work for companies of all sizes

There are six hardware appliance models of the Barracuda SSL VPN product:

  • Model 180, 15 concurrent users;
  • Model 280, 25 concurrent users;
  • Model 380, 50 concurrent users;
  • Model 480, 100 concurrent users;
  • Model 680, 500 concurrent users; and
  • Model 880, 1,000 concurrent users.

The first two models, which are targeted at small organizations, lack enterprise authentication and management features that would normally be associated with larger organizations, including integration with enterprise authentication systems and syslog support.

Barracuda SSL VPN also comes in four virtual appliance models:

  • Model 180 Vx, 15 concurrent users, 1 CPU core;
  • Model 380 Vx, 50 concurrent users, 2 CPU cores;
  • Model 480 Vx, 100 concurrent users, 4 CPU cores; and
  • Model 680 Vx, 500 concurrent users, 6 CPU cores.

The first model has the same enterprise limitations as the lowest two hardware models. In fact, across the board, the hardware and virtual appliances offer very similar feature sets.

Client and authentication support for Barracuda SSL VPN

Of the four possible approaches to SSL VPN client software (clientless, browser plug-in, stand-alone executable and mobile app), the Barracuda SSL VPN product supports two: clientless and browser plug-in. The browser plug-in provides access to more resources than the clientless option, such as various remote access protocols (e.g., virtual network computing and secure shell).

Because Barracuda SSL VPN supports clientless and Java-based browser plug-in options, it is viable for nearly every operating system and browser version.

Barracuda SSL VPN provides a wide range of authentication support. Authentication methods that it can utilize include integrating with typical enterprise authentication systems (e.g., RADIUS and cryptographic tokens) and sending one-time PINs to smartphones and tablets. These enterprise authentication features are not available on the 15 and 25 concurrent user models. The Barracuda SSL VPN product also supports single sign-on, so users can authenticate to multiple resources through a single mechanism.

Network access control features are also supported by Barracuda SSL VPN. These features can ensure that the client device's operating system, web browser and other components follow the organization's security policies.

Barracuda SSL VPN is appliance-based (both hardware and virtual). There are no additional fees per user or client device. A free evaluation is available by request.

The Barracuda SSL VPN product offers a range of products for most organizations, with various hardware and virtual appliance models supporting between 15 and 1,000 concurrent users. Supporting both clientless and Java-based browser plug-in options for SSL VPN clients, Barracuda SSL VPN is accessible from nearly every operating system and browser version. All the models above 25 concurrent users provide enterprise authentication and logging features, and all models support network access control to enforce security policies on client devices.

Barracuda SSL VPN is a viable SSL VPN product for all but the largest enterprises (those with tens of thousands of concurrent users).

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