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Tool time: Picking DDoS prevention products

DDoS prevention is an urgent security need for any company. Learn how to select the products and services that will best strengthen your defense against denial-of-service attacks.

You need the right tool for the right job; it's an age-old saw, and if there's one job that urgently needs the right tools now, it's DDoS prevention. Dedicated denial-of-service attacks are not new, of course, and theoretically not complicated either: A hacker sends a deluge of messages, connection requests or other demands via compromised computers to flood the targeted system and incapacitate it so that legitimate users can no longer access it.

However, the problem is that, although DDoS detection and protection products have been around for a while, too many can only thwart smaller attacks, nothing like the assaults we've seen recently. It's crucial, then, for infosec pros tasked with DDoS prevention to stay up on the latest available DDoS prevention tools and services.

Stopping a major DDoS attack -- one that lassoes traffic in the hundreds of megabits per second and flings it your way -- requires major DDoS protection. That might come in the form of cloud-based services. Or it might be an on-premises DDoS prevention tool. You may even want to consider a hybrid approach.

It's a major decision that requires research, analysis of your company's risk situation and resources, and a strategy that will clarify the available choices. To ease you into what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking, SearchSecurity presents this buyer's handbook to DDoS detection and protection products. In this guide, you'll get our expert's clear and concise guidance on how to get started, including an overview of the latest DDoS product features and even suggestions on how to assess your company needs and evaluate vendor offerings. 

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Sharpen your DDoS detection skills with the right tool
DDoS detection and prevention tools are more sophisticated than ever. But finding the right one for your company takes studying and asking vendors the right questions. 

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