Visier is a company that sells software for workforce analytics and workforce planning. Based in both Vancouver, British Columbia and San Jose, Calif., Visier seeks to help HR managers become more strategic and important to the business.

In early 2012, Visier released Workforce Analytics, which integrates and unifies an organization’s data from various sources such as a human resource information system (HRIS) and applicant tracking system, then uses past trends to help predict the future. Visier can be used to predict, for example, a specific employee’s risk of quitting, the cost of losing that employee and who might be the best internal candidate for succession planning. Visier software can also be used to track recruiting statistics, as well as the effectiveness of learning and performance management.

Visier Workforce Planning, launched in late 2013, integrates with Workforce Analytics to allow an organization to estimate the numbers and costs of employees needed for the future compared to the current labor supply and monitor the numbers in real time. This allows HR to create various scenarios, present different options to top executives and choose a path for achieving certain goals.

Visier introduced a new product in early 2016 that includes workforce analytics and planning designed for the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 2010 by John Schwarz, former CEO of BusinessObjects, a business intelligence software vendor acquired by SAP, and Ryan Wong, former head of engineering worldwide at SAP.

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