Printing addresses without a country line using SAPscript

The address key is handy for printing addresses, but what if you don't want the country name printed? Expert Mark Smithson lets you know how to disable the country line.

I have a question about addresses in SAPscript. For the "Ship to" and "Ship from" address in my pick list, I am using:

This works fine, except that it adds UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the last line of the address. How can I get rid of it?

As you probably know, there are two ways to use the ADDRESS function in a SAPscript form: (1) via the address key, and (2) via the explicit listing of address fields.

I prefer using the address key, as you have done. It requires fewer command lines and is thus a bit cleaner. But there is a parameter you can add that will suppress the country line for domestic addresses. Just above the ADDRESSNUMBER line, insert a FROMCOUNTRY line that will tell the form that this is a domestic address. That should suppress the USA text.

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