direct market reseller (DMR)

A direct market reseller (DMR), also known as an e-tailer, is a company that sells directly to consumers online without operating storefront operations of any kind. On the business to business (B2B) DMRs include companies such as CDW and TigerDirect; business to consumer (B2C) counterparts include companies such as Amazon, NewEgg, and ZipZoomFly.

DMRs operate in a market niche that sits between conventional big-box retailers such as Fry's, Best Buy, Circuit City, all of whom also operate and conduct business online as well, and well-known distributors such as Ingram, Tech Data, Avnet. Direct market resellers take Web and telephone orders directly from end users for thousands of IT products, including Microsoft and other software, PCs and other desktop equipment, as well as networking, storage, and other IT infrastructure elements.

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