The best email encryption products: A comprehensive buyer's guide

Last updated:May 2016

Editor's note

Securing email is a critical part of enterprise security. Email encryption software ensures the confidentiality and integrity of email messages over a network. These messages are not traditionally protected by network security measures such as SSL/TLS, and the risk of interception exists even between users within the same organization.

Due to the cost of deployment, email encryption products are mostly used by organizations that host their own email services -- businesses that outsource their email such as SMBs are probably better off contacting their email service provider. For larger enterprises, however, dedicated email encryption software requires less money and training than implementing alternatives like a public key infrastructure.

This buyer's guide takes a look at the evolution of email encryption software, and explores the best use cases for its implementation. It also discusses critical purchasing criteria and provides a comparison of the best email encryption products on the market.

1The business case for email encryption products

Using email encryption software to secure email can save businesses time and money over alternatives, such as public key infrastructure (PKI) systems. PKI-based encryption requires users to actively generate and protect encryption keys. In addition, users must trade encryption keys with anyone they want to correspond with. Email encryption products handle all key management behind the scenes, requiring little input from the user.

2Criteria to consider when purchasing email security products

Before making your buying decision, take a moment to look at your existing email infrastructure and usage, such as whether encryption is needed for internal users as well as external recipients. You should also ensure your chosen product has strong FIPS-compliant cryptography.

3What are best email encryption products?

Before buying your email encryption suite, check out our comparison of the leading products on the market.

4A glance at the top email encryption products

Take a look at our product overviews for in-depth coverage of the best email encryption products available today.