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Demand shaping in the digital age; Apple's stance on consumer privacy

In the digital era, top-notch IT management is essential to business success. But how do IT and business teams bridge the divide? Experts at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium explain why CIOs should forget about managing IT demand and think instead about demand shaping.

Your personal data is in good hands with Apple, according to CEO Tim Cook. Earlier this week, Cook delivered strong words on consumer privacy and how other digital companies do business. In the latest Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales discusses Cook’s comments, the issue of consumer privacy and the CIO’s role in protecting that privacy (even if a good chunk of consumers don’t seem to care).

Who says the data center is dead? Although many CIOs are no longer building enterprise data centers, hybrid strategies offer a new direction and a chance for CIOs to bring their data centers into the future. SearchCIO Contributor Mary K. Pratt talks to CIOs about the benefits and challenges of integrating hybrid strategies into the data center.

In the last two parts of senior analyst Shamus McGillicuddy’s webcast on enterprise networking strategies to support users’ mobile devices, discover the right wireless network tool for your mobile enterprise and learn the impact of a wireless upgrade on the wired network.

In the latest issue of CIO Decisions, get your Internet of Things fix by learning how the future of IoT will depend not only on cutting-edge technology, but also on a range of partnerships that sweep through IT and the business.

Lastly, check out our most recent Essential Guide to explore project management basics and get expert tips on incorporating DevOps and an Agile methodology into your digital strategy.

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