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Is the social media revolution about to declare a cease fire?

Are you tired of chasing the social media revolution? Do you wonder how Google manages to gain such fierce employee loyalty? We are too, so we’ve chased answers to these questions and more in our weekly blog roundup. This week, we’re looking at innovation from a government perspective, tips on how to take less time doing social media updates and a reverse mentor theory that you might not have seen before.

Most people would participate in the social media revolution except that it takes so freaking long. Here are 11 tips on how to use social media without losing your entire day.

Venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs are telling the U.S. government to focus on more technological innovation and less IP policing.

Top talent is attracted to unique working environments and none is more storied than Google’s corporate culture. Here’s a peek into how Google takes care of its employees‘ families after they go to the great search engine in the sky.

Harassment at tech conferences does matter, says Valerie Aurora, and here’s what the industry needs to do to stop harassing women at large tech events.

Instead of worrying about who will mentor your millennials, perhaps you should consider finding a millennial to mentor your older workforce.

While Samsung has succeeded in defending itself from Apple’s copyright infringement case, the mobile giant is still a giant Apple fanboy, claims Mike Elgan.

With Facebook’s waning stock price, is the social media revolution the next dot com bubble to burst?

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