Working with TechTarget Editors

Since 1999, TechTarget's editorial staff has built a network of technology-specific websites to provide valuable problem-solving and decision-support content to IT professionals and line-of-business managers as they conduct research on the web. The company's editorial mission was founded on the premise that enterprise tech buyers need definitive practical guidance and insight when implementing, researching and managing technology within their organizations. As such, we were among the first media companies born online in the B2B technology space that took the unique approach to build sites dedicated to targeted topical areas. These sites are run by veteran editors and journalists who create thousands of articles each year, as well as partner with seasoned technology experts and IT practitioners as contributors to these sites.

Every day, millions of technology professionals rely on TechTarget's network of sites to consume news analysis; read useful tutorials, how-tos and tips; and consume depth features, Buyer's Guides and vendor product comparisons. Our sites feature various multimedia formats, including webcasts, podcasts, videos and screencasts, as well as opportunities to engage with their peers. Our unique editorial formula provides readers with independent analysis, original reporting, access to a network of industry experts and links to numerous useful resources across an editorial taxonomy of over 10,000 technology topics.

Today, TechTarget's editorial team is comprised of more than 150 in-house editors and writers, as well as hundreds of contributors who cover myriad topics on more than 140 sites. Because of the scale and scope of our editorial team, here are tips on how to work effectively with the TechTarget content team. You can also download our editorial brochure with this information.

The first step is to understand the editorial mission

TechTarget was founded on the concept that buyers conduct prepurchase research on the web through organic search to navigate to the most useful and relevant source to deliver on their current information need. Our reporters and editors are dedicated to delivering content that provides practical information to readers who need insights into technologies they have invested in or plan to invest in.

All TechTarget editorial content is entirely vendor-neutral and the content on each site is tailored to a specific IT professional audience, as well as an engaged and growing line-of-business audience. We balance our tech coverage by examining not only the benefits of technologies but the downsides and the costs, how to innovate while also supporting legacy systems, as well as how top vendor products compare. Taken together, the valuable information we provide our readers helps them make wiser IT buying decisions over the course of the purchase and implementation process.

Our "news you can use" strategy means our news content is always timely but includes comments from technology users, industry experts, consultants and analysts who are able to provide perspective for busy IT professionals. We'll fast-track major announcements to keep readers informed and up to date on breaking news, but we'll add to the story and provide the necessary context. As such, TechTarget's editorial team strives to cover the technology industry in a fair and balanced manner. This means our editors compare technology vendors and their products to provide our readers with unbiased information about the tools they are considering investing in. Much of our editorial content includes the pros and cons of a technology, the various options our readers can choose from, along with feedback from analysts and technology users about the technologies we cover.

Finally, because products are the foundation to any technology implementation, our team produces product comparisons, as well as keeps track of noteworthy new product announcements.

Our commitment to editorial integrity

First and foremost, our commitment is to fulfill the information needs of today's technology buyer in an unbiased and vendor-neutral way. It is also our mission to partner with technology vendors for fair, balanced and accurate coverage that is not tied to any business relationship that TechTarget may or may not have. We pride ourselves in this separation of church and state.

Rules of engagement

To pitch a member of our editorial staff, it's important to understand the site you are pitching to and the intended audience of that site. Reporters can get hundreds of press releases each day. Pitches that are more specifically tailored to that site's audience and their IT pain points will generally catch the attention of a reporter over a blast email. In addition, try to establish a relationship with the reporter and offer customer and analyst references as part of any announcement. Understand that the reporter always needs to judge your news against other news happening within a given industry. An interview does not guarantee published content. Lastly, pitches sent under "embargo" with no prior agreement regarding that embargo will not be honored.

Editorial teams

End-User Computing & Enterprise Software and Services

Alyssa Provazza: Editorial Director Jim O'Donnell: SAP/ERP (manufacturing)
Nicole Laskowski: News Director, Business applications Eric Avidon: Business Intelligence, augmented analytics, data visualization
Shaun Sutner: News Director, Information management Pat Thibodeau: ERP, HCM, HR software
Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News Don Fluckinger: CRM, marketing automation, CX, sales automation
Makenzie Holland: Emerging tech, regulations
Maxim Tamarov: End-user computing/mobile
Esther Ajao: Artificial intelligence

Storage & IT Infrastructure and Strategy

Nick Martin: Editorial Director Johnny Yu: Storage, data backup, disaster recovery
Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News Tim McCarthy: Cloud storage
Pat Thibodeau: High-performance computing
Ed Scannell: Microsoft Server/Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, IBM systems

Cloud & DevOps

Margie Semilof: Editorial Director Beth Pariseau: DevOps
Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News
Antone Gonsalves: News Director, Cloud computing

Networking & Security

Kate Gerwig: Editorial Director Alex Culafi: Cybersecurity, blockchain, AI in security
Rob Wright: Senior News Director, Security Arielle Waldman: Cybersecurity
Bridget Botelho: Editorial Director, News Michael Gleason: End-user computing/mobile
Shaun Nichols: Emerging infosec tech, zero-trust security