HP ProLiant servers to come with Ubuntu Server Edition

Hewlett-Packard to package Ubuntu on ProLiant servers. Linus Torvalds up for a prestigious technology prize. Red Hat embraces Microsoft Open Technologies.

In the last few weeks, Linux distributor Canonical's new and improved Ubuntu server has made enough noise in the enterprise Linux world to attract the attention of at least one server company. Hewlett-Packard released a statement this week to announce they've joined the Ubuntu camp. After testing by Canonical's labs to ensure compatibility, most of HP's ProLiant servers will now come packaged with Ubuntu Server Edition.

HP said the move is the result of increased customer demand for readily available open source technology. For customers who aren't planning to purchase new servers soon, HP offers a support bundle on its website.


Linus Torvalds in running for top technology honor

The names of the 2012 Millennium Technology Prize laureates were released this week and Linus Torvalds is on the list. Technology Academy Finland only awards this prize every two years to those whose technological contributions have raised the overall quality of life for others. Torvalds' continued work with his Linux software gained his initial recommendation from the International Selection Committee, but his continued support for the open source movement cinched the nomination. The 1 million euro prize will go either to Torvalds or to Japan's Shinya Yamanaka, a stem cell research pioneer. The award will be presented in June.


Red Hat reacts to Microsoft's new open subsidiary

Microsoft Open Technologies, a new subsidiary, promises new engagement with open source technology and standards. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) team lauded the move as a big win for interoperability. Jean Paoli, president of the subsidiary, in a blog post said Microsoft Open Technologies will increase its engagement with the open source community and bridge the gap between Microsoft and open technologies.

Calling open source a fundamental building block for cloud development and deployment, RHEL's press release spelled out its hope that Microsoft's willingness to join the open source community, if only with the subsidiary, will spell more freedom and choice for customers and developers.

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