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Last updated:January 2014

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Editor's note

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For the eleventh consecutive year, Storage magazine and will be selecting the best new or enhanced enterprise data storage systems of the year. Of the many entries submitted by both traditional and startup storage vendors, we've narrowed the field to these 52 finalists.

Our panel of judges -- analysts, consultants, users and other industry experts -- will work with the TechTarget Storage Media Group's team of editors and reporters to select Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each of six categories. The results will be published in the February issue of Storage magazine and online.

Over the last couple of years, the storage world has been shaken up by a combination of new technologies that have matured sufficiently to have an impact on enterprise environments, and by upstart companies that are challenging some of the traditional methods and processes of delivering storage to data center applications.

Solid-state storage in its many forms, cloud storage, object-based systems and hypervisor-based storage controllers are all doing their part to help bring about revolutionary change to storage infrastructures. And the companies and products that are at the vanguard of the new wave of storage technologies are well represented by the 52 finalists described here.

And as we've seen year after year, our list of finalists reads like a mix of who's who in storage and a roster of upcoming insurgents. But it's just that kind of potent blending of old and new that ensures a wide variety of storage products appropriate for nearly any environment will always be available and evolving.

So, take a look at the data storage systems that have already demonstrated their innovation and value, and are poised to help storage keep pace with today's rapidly changing data center environments.

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