HP Helion (Hewlett-Packard Helion)

HP Helion (Hewlett-Packard Helion) is the brand name for Hewlett-Packard's open source cloud computing products and services. The Helion portfolio is based on OpenStack and is designed to give customers more choice and greater control over private and hybrid cloud deployements. The brand name is pronounced "HEEL-eon."

HP Helion is part of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, a division that was created after HP announced it would be splitting into two entities;  the PC and printer business (HP Inc.) and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, which will focus on enterprise products and services, including cloud computing. Cloud OS, HP's old brand name for cloud services, has been retired.

HP Helion's OpenStack platform runs on an HP Linux distro. Helion products and services include:

HP Helion OpenStack Community - a free distribution of OpenStack for deploying and managing smaller cloud environments.

  • HP Helion OpenStack - an enterprise-level distribution of OpenStack for building, managing and using open-source hybrid clouds.
  • HP Helion Development Platform - a platform as a service (PaaS) offering based on Cloud Foundry.
  • HP Helion Public Cloud - an OpenStack public cloud platform with a pay-per-use model for storage and computing.
  • HP Cloud Service Automation - offers cloud lifecycle management for stack orchestration with Service Marketplace.
  • HP CloudSystem Foundation - infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provisioning and lifecycle management for cloud resources, including storage.
  • HP CloudSystem Enterprise - an expansion of CloudSystem Foundation that automates hybrid deployment lifecycle management.


This was last updated in October 2014

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