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mission-driven brand

A mission-driven brand is an organization with a clearly-stated purpose and a dedication to acting in accordance with its stated principles. Usually, such an organization's purpose, goals and principles are documented through a formal mission statement or vision statement and other corporate communications. Most crucially, a mission-driven business has a purpose that involves contributing something of value to its customers and the community.

A brand can be thought of as a corporate image, which customers and others can connect to through every channel made available to them. As such, it's important for a company to be consistent in its message and tone throughout all external communications and interactions, including not only formal messages like mission statements and press releases but also customer contact, website content, social media presence, partnerships and community engagement. A mission-driven brand ensures that it behaves consistently not only across all channels of communication but also in its business policies and practices, including those related to human resources.

A mission-driven approach to business can make work more meaningful for both employers and employees, improving engagement and productivity and reducing burnout and turnover. It may also improve profitability as a result of those effects and also because many consumers prefer to spend their money at a business that is socially responsible.

When Patagonia announced in December 2016 that the company would donate 100 percent of its Black Friday sales to charity, the B-corp predicted that those sales would amount to about $2 million. In fact, however, the option for ethical shopping translated to over $10 million, which all went to grassroots environmental groups.

This was last updated in January 2018

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