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Top 12 best cities for tech jobs in 2022

Silicon Valley isn't the only tech hotspot in the United States. Here are some other cities where professionals are flocking for jobs in the technology sector.

The pandemic tested and accelerated the work-from-home model around the world. Now, many workers have the flexibility to live where they want and work remotely.

Working from home is a trend that will continue in the tech industry, but the physical office won't disappear. Organizations around the globe still have offices in metropolitan areas staffed with employees. But there may be hybrid work opportunities, with some days spent in the office and others at home.

California's Silicon Valley is a hotbed for many technology startups. But it's not the only place to find good tech sector jobs.

Across the U.S. there are many cities where professionals can live and find tech jobs. But there are several things to consider before taking a job in any new city. Among the key criteria are an understanding of the cost of living and the average tech salary for a given area.

Atlanta, Ga.

Population: 496,461

Median rent: $1,227

Median house value: $314,400

Median IT salary: $95,788

Tech education options: Georgia Institute of Technology

Top tech companies: IBM, Capgemini, Cox Communications

Popular job titles: senior network engineer, system administrator, desktop support analyst

Atlanta is home to the Coca-Cola Co. and has long been at the center of business in the Southern states.

In recent years, Atlanta has emerged as a strong IT center. In 2021, businesses posted more than 111,000 tech jobs in the Atlanta area.

The median salary isn't as high as other metropolitan areas, but the cost of living and affordability in Atlanta make it a top choice for many.

Austin, Texas

Population: 964,177

Median rent: $1,346

Median house value: $358,600

Median IT salary: $90,459

Tech education options: University of Texas at Austin

Top tech companies: Dell, IBM, HP, AMD, Atlassian, Google, Facebook

Popular job titles: technology support specialist, system administrator, technical project manager

Austin has emerged as a top technology hub with a growing number of jobs. Many companies have relocated there from Silicon Valley, including Oracle, Tesla and HP.

According to CompTIA, there are more than 5,500 technology companies in the Austin area. Businesses posted more than 64,000 IT jobs in 2021.

Boston, Mass.

Population: 654,776

Median rent: $1,685

Median house value: $581,200

Median IT salary: $136,605

Tech education options: Harvard, MIT, Boston University

Top tech companies: IBM, BAE Systems, Wayfair

Popular job titles: IT architect, business systems analyst, director of information technology, IT security engineer

Tech job prospects in Boston are strong. Among the top employers for IT tech talent in the Boston area are IBM, BAE Systems and Accenture.

Dallas, Texas

Population: 1,288,457

Median rent: $1,111

Median house value: $208,700

Median IT salary: $97,431

Tech education options: University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University

Top tech companies: Verizon, IBM, NTT Data, JPMorgan

Popular job titles: director of information technology, network engineer, application support analyst

The cost of living and reasonable housing costs in the Dallas area draw many people to the city.

Dallas has a growing population and one of the fastest-growing IT job markets in the U.S. In 2021, businesses posted more than 156,358 IT jobs in the Dallas metro area. IT jobs are expected to grow by 10.5% over the next five years.

Denver, Colo.

Population: 711,463

Median rent: $1,397

Median house value: $427,600

Median IT salary: $105,529

Tech education options: University of Colorado Denver, DeVry University

Top tech companies: CenturyLink, Arrow Electronics, Raytheon

Popular job titles: cloud administrator, director of information technology, IT support specialist

Denver has a reasonable median IT salary of $105,529, with a moderate cost of living amid the Rocky Mountains.

Portland, Ore.

Population: 641,162

Median rent: $1,325

Median house value: $438,500

Median IT salary: $105,000

Tech education options: University of Oregon Portland

Top tech companies: Autodesk, Genentech, Amazon, Nike

Popular job titles: digital content specialist, principal engineer, data engineer

Tech jobs in the Portland area are varied and include tech vendors and non-tech vendors alike. Portland is also home to several global athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas North America and Columbia Sportswear. These companies -- and more -- have IT teams and growing needs for IT staff as they continue digital transformation efforts in store and online.

The Portland area has a reasonable cost of living and high median IT salary. This makes it an attractive location for IT professionals to settle down and grow their families and careers.

Raleigh, N.C.

Population: 469,124

Median rent: $1,175

Median house value: $266,900

Median IT salary: $95,786

Tech education options: North Carolina State University

Top tech companies: IBM, Red Hat, SAS Institute

Popular job titles: project engineer, solutions architect, data engineer

The big tech hub in Raleigh is an area known as Research Triangle Park -- home to big IT vendors, including IBM. Raleigh is also home to IBM's Red Hat business unit. IBM acquired Red Hat in 2019. In 2021, businesses posted more than 41,000 IT jobs for the Raleigh area.

San Diego, Calif.

Population: 1,381,611

Median rent: $1,770

Median house value: $629,500

Median IT salary: $166,000

Tech education options: University of California San Diego, National University

Top tech companies: Qualcomm, Intuit, ServiceNow

Popular job titles: director of product management, desktop support engineer, network engineer

San Diego is home to chipmaker giant Qualcomm, but that's not the only technology vendor in town. 

With an average IT salary of nearly $166,000 and a moderately high cost of living, San Diego is a good location to build an IT career.

San Francisco, Calif.

Population: 815,201

Median rent: $2,010

Median house value: $1.2 million

Median IT salary: $132,800

Tech education options: University of San Francisco

Top tech companies: Salesforce, Workday, Facebook, Oracle, Twitter

Popular job titles: application security architect, information technology infrastructure manager, software engineer

Some of the biggest and most influential companies in tech today -- including Salesforce and Twitter -- continue to hire aggressively in the San Francisco area. New startups across nearly every category of technology are also located in this area.

In 2021, businesses posted more than 124,000 jobs in the Bay Area.

The median IT salary in San Francisco is one of the highest anywhere in the U.S, but it's offset by the extremely high cost of living and limited availability of housing.

San Jose, Calif.

Population: 983,489

Median rent: $2,232

Median house value: $925,800

Median IT salary: $148,607

Tech education options: Stanford University, San Jose State University

Top tech companies: Apple, Cisco, Google, Nvidia, VMware

Popular job titles: software engineer, software architect, senior product manager

Nearly every major technology vendor has some kind of presence in or around the San Jose area. In 2021, businesses advertised more than 98,000 IT jobs, with an emphasis on software development roles.

While there is no shortage of technology opportunities, the cost of living in San Jose can be higher than other areas. However, IT staff in the San Jose area are among the best paid in the U.S.

Seattle, Wash.

Population: 733,919

Median rent: $1,702

Median house value: $713,600

Median IT salary: $132,392

Tech education options: University of Washington

Top tech companies: Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle

Popular job titles: DevOps engineer, engineer director, full stack developer, IT manager

A key part of Seattle's stature as a tech hub has a lot to do with Microsoft, whose headquarters is 15 miles outside of downtown Seattle in Redmond.

Seattle is also home to Amazon headquarters, which is also a magnet for both tech talent and other tech companies to the city. Aside from tech, Seattle is also home to Starbucks, which started in Seattle and also hires many tech professionals every year.

In 2021, businesses posted more than 91,000 tech jobs in the Seattle area.

Washington, D.C.

Population: 670,050

Median rent: $1,607

Median house value: $618,100

Median IT salary: $113,330

Tech education options: George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University

Top tech companies: Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, IBM, Deloitte

Popular job titles: senior enterprise architect, information technology specialist, software project manager

Businesses posted more than 191,000 IT jobs in 2021, making Washington, D.C., one of the most active tech worker job markets in the country. The U.S. government drives a good deal of tech activity, as jobs within government agencies and contractors dominate the landscape.

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