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Audio content is any type of published material or information that is consumed through listening. This area of content includes any type of auditory entertainment or marketing collateral such as podcasts, audiobooks and artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant skills or actions. Audio content can be played through devices like computer speakers, headphones or smart speakers.

Unlike video or written formats, audio content is created to be easily consumable on the go or while multitasking. It is typically generated using three techniques:

  1. The recording of real human voices.
  2. The conversion of written text into spoken word using natural language processing (NLP).
  3. The recognition of voice commands through smart speakers or voice-oriented devices.

As the consumption of audio content has seen a steady rise, the importance of incorporating it into business cannot be ignored. Audio content can be a helpful way to communicate an organization’s story, culture, mission or voice to potential customers. Additionally, audio content can be used to improve user experience (UX) and communicate with users.

Types of audio content

Uses of audio content

Audio content can be used by publishers, marketers and other creators in a variety of ways:

  • Organizations can create their own AI-enabled skills with devices like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to increase interaction with customers or answer product questions.
  • Audio players can be integrated into website pages that read the text aloud in a natural voice or in different language translations.
  • Podcasts can be used as a form of audio-blogging that discuss important, related topics or provide customers with business updates.
  • Businesses can translate instruction manuals into audio content that allow users to play the information while carrying out the tasks simultaneously.
  • Marketers can use audiograms, which are audio recordings set to a still image, to publish on social media.

Benefits of audio content

The advantages for creating audio content include the following:

  • Provides a new channel of consuming information that may bring new leads or customers.
  • Can add a competitive edge against competitors who have not entered the audio content space.
  • Helps with accessibility of information.
  • Can accumulate a higher, dedicated following such as podcast listeners that tune in weekly.
  • Develops a more personable or relatable voice for an organization.
  • Is a more convenient way for users to engage with content, bringing higher return rates.
  • Is cloud-based and free of hardware constraints.


This was last updated in July 2019

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