Marketo Certified Associate

A Marketo Certified Associate (MCA) is a person certified by Marketo to have the necessary skills to set up basic email marketing initiatives and report on program success.

The Marketo Certified Associate exam covers “digital marketing automation and basic email marketing in Marketo (email send programs, A/B testing, email personalization, basic forms and landing pages, and events and webinars built from cloned templates).”

Before taking the exam, users should have basic knowledge of marketing automation, 200-400 hours of hands-on experience implementing programs in Marketo and 3-6 months of general marketing experience.

To help achieve certification, Marketo provides Marketo University Online, an online training site with guided learning paths to learn about email marketing in Marketo. Users must register for an account to gain access to the training site.

The certification is administered via an online test of 60 questions, proctored by Kryterion online. Users have 90 minutes to take the test and must have a minimum score of 76% to pass certification. The Marketo Certified Associate exam costs US $95 each time you take it.

Marketo provides a second, more advanced certification called Marketo Certified Expert. According to Marketo, this level of certification “validates competency, expertise, and operational knowledge in the broad use of Marketo.”

This certification is also administered via an online exam of 75 questions. The minimum passing score for certification is 70%. Marketo notes that 800-1,000+ hours of hands-on experience with Marketo gives users a higher chance of passing the exam.

Benefits of the Marketo Certification

According to Marketo, MCA’s receive the following benefits:

  • Certificate of achievement
  • Digital badge credential
  • Access to the Marketo job board
  • Recognized official designation and badge
  • Membership in the Marketo Certification LinkedIn group

Marketo certification can be useful for job advancement in an existing organization and for finding new career opportunities. For Marketo customers, candidates with certification may be considered more favorably to other candidates who are not certified.

This was last updated in February 2019

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