Intel Technology Provider

The Intel Technology Provider program is Intel Corp.'s partner program for supporting the sales and marketing efforts of channel partners who specify, design, build or resell Intel-based technology products.

The Intel Technology Provider program has three membership levels: Registered, Gold and Platinum. 

Registered partners must complete an annual business profile in order to qualify for "Ask Intel" help. In exchange they receive a standard warranty on Intel products, marketing materials and tools to help them find the right Intel products for their customers. Registered members also have access to online and face-to-face sales and technical training, in-depth product information, sales guides, whitepapers, product roadmaps and newsletters that contain information on new and updated products.

To qualify for a Gold partnership in the Intel Technology Provider program, a partner must complete an annual business profile and earn 50 training credits annually, according to information on Intel's website. Gold partners receive the same resources as the Registered level, plus the following:

  • Access to partner events
  • The ability to earn points on purchases, which can be redeemed for business rewards
  • A Gold-level membership badge for use on marketing materials
  • A business listing on
  • Partner-exclusive promotions on Intel products
  • Discounts to software on Intel's Digital Marketplace
  • The right to syndicate Intel content to the Gold-level partner's website

Additionally, according to the website as of this writing, Gold-level partners in the United States who reach $7,000 in sales of Intel components annually through Intel Authorized Distribution receive an "advanced" warranty on Intel products and face-to-face technical training on the latest Intel products.

To qualify for a Platinum membership, partners in the United States must complete a business profile annually, earn 100 training credits annually and reach $250,000 in Intel sales annually through Intel Authorized Distribution. Platinum-level partners receive all benefits of the Gold level as well as account management, an advanced warranty service, access to retail-focused merchandise, Intel Design Center support, a Platinum reference letter from Intel management and access the Intel Solutions Summit.  


This was last updated in October 2013

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