Technology trends in processors and servers

Quad-core pushes, virtualization advances and licensing turmoils are just a few of the trends to consider in today's competitive server processor landscape. Blade Servers and Virtualization author Barb Goldworm presents channel considerations in servers and processors.

Barb Goldworm, Author and consultant
With the recent flurries about quad-core processors, power issues and software licensing, it can be a challenge to know what really matters in the highly competitive processor and server race, and how to know what is best for your customers' environments. Here's a quick overview on the technologies and trends that matter in processors and servers, and how to make intelligent decisions for and with your customers.

Key processor trends

Here are some of the overall trends happening in the server processor space.

  • Increasing number of cores per server
  • Going green: awareness and improvements in energy efficiency
  • Turmoil over licensing
  • Continuing advances in virtualization
  • Increasing market penetration in blade servers
  • Intel vs. AMD battle marches on

This column drills down into the issues related to multi-core trends, going green and licensing. For more information on server/processor issues surrounding virtualization, blade servers and Intel vs. AMD, check out my enterprise guide on and my blade server and virtualization tips for the channel on

For details on blade servers, rack servers and Intel vs. AMD, read Barb's corresponding column on our sister site

Technology trends in processors and servers

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Barb Goldworm
Barb Goldworm is President of Focus Consulting, a research, analyst and consulting firm focused on systems and storage. She has spent 30 years in technical, marketing, industry analyst and senior management positions with IBM, Novell, StorageTek, Enterprise Management Associates, and multiple successful startups. She chairs the Blades and Virtualization Summit conference on blades and virtualization, and has been one of the top three ranked analyst/knowledge expert speakers at Storage Networking World. Barb has authored numerous business and technical white papers and articles and has just finished a book, Blades Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing While Cutting Costs. Email Barb for more information.
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