Choosing a processor: Multi-core and 64-bit considerations

Multi-core, 64-bit or 32-bit processor -- what's best for your client's shop? This guide gives channel professionals the information they need to help clients choose a processor.

Choosing a processor is an important decision for value-added resellers (VARs) that provide hardware advice. Which processor you select will ultimately determine how an enterprise's servers are going to function. To choose the best processor for your client, you need to know the benefits of multi-core processors, the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit processors, and the best hardware for new server installations, such as Windows Vista. Read up on processor essentials in this guide and be prepared to answer your client's questions on choosing a processor.

   Multi-core processors
   64-bit processors
   Windows Vista hardware

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What is a multi-core processor?
This definition will clear up any uncertainties.

Multi-core processors: When and where to use them
Making the wrong hardware recommendation for a client can hurt your relationship. Find out if multi-core processors are worth the extra cost and know when it's the right time for customers to use them.

Multi core processor machines in a virtualized enviornment
Multi core processor machine performance in a virtualized environment depends on the operating system running.

Technology trends in processors and servers
Quad-core pushes, virtualization advances and licensing turmoils are just a few of the trends to consider in today's competitive server processor landscape.

HP shows quad-core workstations, confidence in high power on the desktop
HP's line of quad-core workstations represent a bet that, despite hardware commoditization, some users still want as much power as they can get on the desktop.

What are multi-core processors?
Before recommending any new technologies to a customer, VARs need to know those technologies inside and out. This expert answer explains how multi-core processors impact the companies that use them and what they mean for virtualization.

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64-bit processors: Does the manufacturer make a difference?
Intel or AMD? VARs may prefer one over the other, but how will that affect customers? This breakdown discusses the differences between working with AMD and Intel.

VMware processors
Is a 64-bit processor better than a 32-bit processor for virtualization? Our expert explains how different processors handle virtualization.

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Vista hardware -- How little can customers afford to spend?
Windows Vista has been released to the public. Just how much (or little) will your customers have to spend on hardware to upgrade to the new Microsoft operating system?

Windows Vista hardware buying considerations
When working with customers who are considering the switch to Vista, VARs need to discuss hardware. Does the customer have the right hardware in place? Will they need to purchase a new processor?

Windows Vista hardware: Invest now or later?
Windows Vista hasn't been universally accepted in the business world -- yet. If history has taught us anything, it's that most machines will eventually be migrated over to the Microsoft platform. VARs need to be prepared for customers who want to make the switch. Should processors be bought now or later? Our expert offers his advice.

Windows Vista hardware: Choosing hardware for your customers
Two hardware components could significantly impact Windows Vista performance. Contributor Jon Hassell explains what they are and where it's not worth saving pennies on a Vista deployment.

Windows Vista in a box customized for your customers
Upgrade clients to Windows Vista with a minimum of fuss. Contributor Jonathan Hassell offers some pointers for creating and selling your own "Windows Vista in a box."

Windows Vista upgrade challenges
Most users will have to upgrade hardware to migrate to Vista, but that's not the biggest Windows Vista upgrade challenge for resellers.

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