Citrix User Profile Management

Citrix User Profile Management is a tool in the company's XenDesktop and XenApp platforms that enables IT administrators to save and deliver employees' files and settings across user sessions on different devices. The User Profile Management feature provides central management for employee-specific data and settings stored in profiles.

The goal of User Profile Management is to speed up the desktop logon and logoff process on XenDesktop and XenApp. To do that, User Profile Management monitors changes to files, folders and registry keys and only saves those alterations back to the user's profile, rather than resaving the entire profile like Windows roaming profiles do. This approach also reduces the likelihood of a user writing over user profile changes when working from multiple endpoints in the same timeframe. Administrators can also choose which specific, essential folders to sync to users' virtual desktops and apps and which ones to leave out with the profile management tool.

User Profile Management is included in XenApp and XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions, as well as XenDesktop Advanced edition. The tool competes with VMware's View Persona Management feature and products such as Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity, AppSense Environment Manager and RES ONE Workspace.

This was last updated in January 2016

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