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Top 13 IoT blogs to follow in 2023

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned expert, there's an IoT blog for you. Find out where to go for the latest use cases and trends.

Internet of things is driving many of today's most significant technology developments. Modern organizations use IoT applications and sensors for everything, including optimizing manufacturing and supply chain practices to aiding the development of municipalities through use in smart cities.

Effective use of IoT technology can create numerous benefits. It can potentially help businesses monitor complex processes, save time and money, improve customer experience, aid strategic decision making, streamline business models and boost productivity.

For industry professionals, there is always more knowledge to be discovered. Both newcomers and seasoned experts can benefit from keeping up with the newest developments in the IoT market -- how the technology develops, matures and is applied in new and innovative ways.

But with so many blogs dedicated to the internet of things, it can be time consuming to figure out where best to spend your time reading up on the subject. To simplify this process, here are the top IoT resource blogs to follow in 2023.

These selected IoT blogs have been organized by source type and sorted by the type of information provided. This includes:

  • General IoT blogs with news and articles on a range of IoT-related subjects.
  • Research and consulting firm blogs that present in-depth business cases, articles and insights from established industry leaders.
  • Vendor blogs from trusted key players in the IoT market.
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) blogs that focus specifically on the use of IoT technologies for manufacturing and industrial purposes.

General IoT blogs

These blogs cover a broad range of IoT-related news, instructional guides and other content. Though they may touch on niche topics within the internet of things -- such as consumer IoT, smart cities, IIoT and use with other specific technologies such as AI -- those are not the unifying theme of the blogs. These resources are intended for readers seeking introductory knowledge on the subject, professionals who want to augment existing familiarity with more specific and granular IoT knowledge, and those who want to stay current on their knowledge of industry trends and developments. 

Both newcomers and seasoned experts can benefit from keeping up with the newest developments in the IoT market.
  1. IoT Agenda. TechTarget's experienced editors and IoT subject matter experts provide the leading source of IoT news, insights and articles covering all aspects of the IoT ecosystem within all sectors. IoT Agenda is frequently cited by other blogs as the IoT resource.
  2. IoT World Today. Provides news, articles, guides and other IoT-related content across all niches. Areas of focus in IoT World Today include industrial IoT, smart cities, connected health, AI, transportation and logistics, energy, homes, and engineering and development.
  3. DZone. This IoT blog offers numerous resources for readers at all knowledge levels. DZone is known for its in-depth reference guides on specific topics.
  4. IoT Central. A blog that features content written by real-world IoT professionals discussing IoT solutions and case studies.
  5. Network World. Network World's IoT blog reports news and developments related to the internet of things, as well as expert commentary on industry trends and IoT security.
  6. IoT For All. Hosts a variety of IoT-related content on the future of IoT and shares news on IoT-related webinars and events.
use cases for IoT
Examples of everyday non-business IoT applications.

Research and consulting firm blogs

These blogs are official publications of large, well-known research and management consulting firms, with conclusions and insights drawn from real-life business cases. Typically, these reports and business cases present information in the context of answers to questions facing enterprises in various aspects of use, adoption and innovation. 

  1. Deloitte's The Internet of Things blog. Deloitte provides IoT-related consulting services. Its IoT blog includes a mix of articles, case studies, analysis and other insights.
  2. Gartner Insights: Internet of Things. Gartner provides research for IT services, including IoT. Its blog is a source for comprehensive reports on IoT technologies
  3. Boston Consulting Group: Internet of Things. Boston Consulting Group's IoT blog offers high-quality, in-depth publications that delve into specific IoT topics, including information on IoT adoption and innovation.

General IoT blogs from vendors

These blogs are official publications of well-established technology leaders that have played integral roles in the development and evolution of the internet of things. Contributors for this blog type are often industry experts with years of functional knowledge on the subjects. The blogs generally tailor content toward the perspective and interests of potential client organizations. Customers of these organizations will likely find these blogs particularly useful as well, as they largely focus on information targeted at the company's offerings.

  1. Cisco's IoT blogCisco's IoT blog broaches many industry-specific topics, such as how IoT technologies influence traffic management, mining, railway operations and smart cities.
  2. Microsoft Azure IoT blogThis blog's content is particularly useful for Microsoft customers using Azure IoT products and services. Though some pieces offer commentary on general IoT trends, most posts focus on expanding the knowledge of Microsoft Azure customers.

Industrial IoT blogs

These blogs focus on the industrial internet of things niche. IIoT is the use of IoT smart sensors, actuators and applications to enhance manufacturing and other industrial practices. Topics covered on these blogs tend to be very specific and focused within IIoT. They are intended mostly for professionals working with industrial and manufacturing technologies.

  1. IoT Analytics: Industrial IoT. Blog content is organized into five core areas: building blocks of IIoT, disruptive technologies and trends, supportive technologies, key use cases and adoption strategies.
  2. Cisco's IIoT blog. This vendor blog is from Cisco's industrial Internet of Things division and is separate from Cisco's IoT blog. It focuses entirely on the IIoT and provides a great way to stay on top of technology advancements within this niche.
use cases for IIoT
Examples of how various industries use IoT for distribution and automation processes.

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