Kony is a company that provides enterprise mobility products and services, including a mobile application development platform (MADP) and mobile backend as a service.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Kony provides products such as AppVantage, which delivers customized mobile applications per any company's requirements, and its MADP, AppPlatform, which provides low-code cross-platform development for different OSes.

As of 2017, more than 250 million people used apps built on Kony's platform, according to the company.


Raj Koneru founded Kony in 2007 and held the position of CEO until March 2014, when Thomas Hogan became CEO. Koneru previously co-founded other companies, including iTouchPoint, Intelligroup and Seranova.

Kony spent the first two years developing its mobile application platform, which went to market in 2009. The platform allowed developers to write for both the front end and back end of an app. The growth in mobile OSes and browsers, as well as the introduction of tablets resulting in changing experiences on different screen sizes, expanded the market to which the company needed to cater. As a result, Kony developed the KonyOne platform, which further evolved into what the company now calls AppPlatform.

In 2012, Kony acquired Sky Technologies, a mobility service provider. In 2016, Kony partnered with Cognizant to deliver a suite of cross-platform apps for banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government. . 

Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for MADP vendors recognized Kony as a visionary and, as of 2017, it was a leader in the report every year since 2013. Forrester Research named Kony as a leader in low-code development platforms for app development and delivery in 2017. 

Kony products

Kony AppVantage

Kony offers pre-built, customized apps for organizations with AppVantage based on the business needs. App Vantage also allows companies to host and manage apps.

Kony AppPlatform

Kony AppPlatform is a cross-platform, low-code tool with advanced app development and deployment capabilities that focus on user experience and security. AppPlatform consists of two main components: Kony Visualizer, the front-end development environment; and Kony Fabric, the mobile backend as a service that facilitates app deployment and connections with back-end infrastructure. 

Kony also provides companies with testing and analytics for apps.

Kony also provides a visual app development environment with Kony Nitro, a technology which backs AppPlatform. Nitro allows mobile app developers to build cross-platform web apps and apps that work across different OSes, with the help of visual design and development tools.

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