LANDesk Client Manager (LDCM)

LDCM (LANDesk Client Manager) is a software product from Intel that lets a system administrator for a local area network () see the configurations and monitor the status of personal computer on the LAN. LDCM is an implementation of the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) standard established by the Desktop Management Task Force, an industry group. To take advantage of DMI, product components must provide a Management Information Format (MIF) file.

Using LDCM, a LAN administrator can be notified automatically when a workstation is nearing problem status. LDCM's "PC health monitoring" can notify the administrator of the status of low memory, any recoverable parity error, any boot virus that may be present, the motherboard and central processing unit temperatures, and other status information. LDCM also allows an inventory to be kept of all software and hardware characteristics of all workstations.

The first releases of LDCM have been pre-installed on PCs by original equipment manufacturers. LDCM requires a BIOS that supports System Management BIOS Specification Version 2.0.

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